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The Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

What goes in doesn’t necessarily come out! Poor food choices, over-the-counter medicines and chemicals we’re exposed to can have detrimental effects on our bodies. If these toxins aren’t excreted naturally through bowel movements, they are reabsorbed into our system. Not good. Luckily, we have colon hydrotherapy as a backup tool to keep our temple nice and clean.

There’s a lot of fear and misconception behind colon hydrotherapy (also known as colonics), therefore, we’ve interviewed a professional to debunk some of these myths. Cynthia Shankman is a certified colon hydrotherapist with over five years of experience. She was introduced to colon hydrotherapy as a method of recovery for a history of heavy metal poisoning. After personally experiencing the benefits of colon hydrotherapy on her own body as a way of natural healing, she transformed her story to her life practice.

Intro to Colon Hydrotherapy

Q: What would you say to someone who’s never experienced colon hydrotherapy? A: Speak to someone who’s had a colonic. There may be 1 in 100 people who have discouraged someone from getting a colonic. After a session, my clients are always beaming. It’s a universal emotion afterward. Just try it one time and you’ll see what it’s all about.

Q: How do you know if a place is reputable? A: Look for a place that also understands nutrition. That way, you know they understand the whole body as a system: body, mind and spirit. There’s a different feeling involved if you’re using a colonic as only a “beauty tool”.

Q: Does a colonic hurt? A: No, it doesn’t. The insertion of the speculum is extremely gentile. Although there may be slight discomfort in the beginning, everyone gets used to the sensation quickly. There may be some cramping during the session, but there’s a big payoff to the cramping and the result of your session.

Q: How long does a session last? A: Approximately 45 minutes.

Q: Is a colon hydrotherapist in the room for the entire session? A: Yes, we’re there whole time. We use therapeutic-grade essential oils and mantras for calming. Additionally, there’s a lot of massage which really helps.

Q: How do you prepare for a colonic?

A: You’ll have the best result if you plan to consume no meat, alcohol or dairy days before your session. Try to drink green juices and consume salads. If you eat a cheeseburger the night before, you can still get a colonic, but the result may not be as effective.

Q: You mentioned that colon hydrotherapy is good for the mind, body and soul. What is the spiritual component? A: A lot of old emotions are released in these sessions. People find themselves living more in the “now”, releasing old emotions not serving them anymore. I’ve personally seen people become much happier.

Q: How do you maintain a clean colon after the session? A: Right after the session, I suggest that you drink a green juice and consume fermented foods. Fermented foods add good bacteria into the colon and aid digestion.

All health food stores all carry fermented foods, such as Kimchi. Going forward, improving your digestion is key, which can be done with food combining.


Q: One colonic is all you need. A: For someone new, it’s important to try one session and see how they feel. Think about it like going to the gym; one session builds on the next. The benefit comes from doing colon hydrotherapy multiple times. Whether it’s weekly or monthly, I suggest that colon hydrotherapy is done in a series of at least four sessions.

Many people will come once per week if they have health issues, deal with addiction, skin problems or are in the process of changing their health. After healing, they can maintain with seasonal sessions.

Q: Healthy people don’t need colon hydrotherapy. A: Healthy people may need colon hydrotherapy even more. By changing their diets, they’re awakening toxins in their bodies. If one continues to eat poorly, their body stays in a form of homeostasis. By having a colonic session, you’re removing these awakened toxins from the body.

Q: Both the good and bad bacteria in our bodies are removed during the process of colon hydrotherapy. A: After experiencing myself and clients for over 5 years, I have proven this to be false. Good bacteria is nestled into the walls of the colon, steadily held by the body. The bad bacteria (i.e., mucus, old food) are washed away in the process of colon hydrotherapy. This allows more space for the good bacteria to nestle in.

I’ve watched people become brighter, more vibrant, and “shinier”. If this myth were true, you’d see people become more tired or lethargic after a session, which I’ve never seen.

Q: All methods of colon hydrotherapy are created equal. A: This is false. There are three methods that are common to colon hydrotherapy: machine method, gravity method and open system.

Machine Method: I’ll give you this example: when you go on a treadmill, the treadmill is moving and doing some of the work for you. The same goes for the machine method. The machine is using more pressure which can be harsh on the body.

Gravity Method: The gravity method allows the body to do the work. This is much gentler on the body’s nervous system.

Open System Method: You’re in the room by yourself and manually insert the pencil-sized speculum. Any waste falls into a basin and washes away. The con to this method is that you’re unable to move your body, making the colon massage less impactful.

People tend to have more success with the gravity method.

Q: Enemas can replace colon hydrotherapy altogether. A: Enemas are great at home. Although they are beneficial, people are able to release more toxins with the colon hydrotherapy session.

More About Cynthia

Q: What’s your secret to your health success? A: Good nutrition, combined with use of essential oils and routine colon hydrotherapy.

Q: What makes you happy? A: My family, dog and nature… and good food!

Q: What are some of your values? A: Truth, integrity and knowing that the divine guidance system that works through me, works through all my brothers and sisters. I enjoy seeing each person as the glorious being they are.

Q: Do you have any quotes or mantras you live by? A: Let things happen, instead of pushing things to happen. Let rather than get.

Q: Are there any books that you’d love to share with our audience? A: The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates; Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman and Kenneth Wapnick

Cynthia currently works at Gravity East Village in New York City.

Photo credit thanks to Groupon.


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