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5 At-Home Remedies for Better Health

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Not only are fruits and vegetables delicious and nutritious, but many also have quasi-medicinal powers when applied topically. Look no further. Sometimes our greatest medicine is in our kitchens, not our medicine cabinets!

Below are five unusual uses for common foods:

1. Banana peel whitening strips: In my experience, teeth whitening products are not only costly, but ineffective. Next time you finish a banana, think of the peel as nature’s solution to white teeth. Rub the inside of a banana peel on your teeth for a few minutes. Over time, you should experience all the pearly-white benefits.

2. Lemon nail hardener: The benefits of lemons are quite lengthy, but I bet this one will be new to you. Did you know squeezing the inside of a lemon can strengthen even the weakest of nails? Instead of purchasing nail polishes that may contain harsh chemicals, give your nails a healthier option.

3. Honey face mask: Honey is a multi-purpose food. Its properties make honey a fungi, as well as, a bacteria fighter. Add honey to a lemon and use it to clean your face. This tag team combination will kill bacteria, clean your pores, moisturize your face and leave you feeling fresh.

4. Horseradish Vicks: Horseradish has the power to open your sinuses, especially when you’re not feeling well. One sniff of freshly peeled horseradish and you’ll be able to smell your neighbor’s cooking.

5. Grapefruit hangover helper: College, wedding season or work happy hours got you feeling sluggish? Cure that morning-after hangover with a grapefruit punch. In a glass, add 1 part freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, 2 parts water and a pinch of salt. The mix of vitamin C, fructose, electrolytes and water make a tasty and healthy hangover cure.

…Bet you’ll never look at these items the same way again.


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