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Lauren loves to share her knowledge to help the hardest-working leaders avoid exhaustion and overwhelm. Through her personal experience of corporate burnout and her wellness background, Lauren is on a mission to show the world that you can receive that next promotion and not sacrifice your marriage or health in the process.


The "Take 5 Method" is a post-busy season recovery strategy, intended on enhancing one's life quality and productivity after challenging times at work.



It's not easy working in the accounting profession. It's even more challenging to work in conditions that impair our senses. Learn more how you can manage your stress through hearing, sight and taste. 

Artices & Print

Articles & Print

Podcast & Interviews

Podcasts & Interviews
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035: Prioritizing Your Wellbeing In Just 15 Minutes A Day [With Lauren Baptiste]
Fried Burnout podcast.jpg
FRIED the Burnout Podcast: The Magic of Small Steps with Lauren Baptiste
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Woo Woo in the Real World: Taking Time Out Before You Burnout with Lauren Baptiste
Fried Burnout podcast.jpg
Expert Burnout Tips with Cait Donovan: Start Somewhere, Start Small with Lauren Baptiste
Women of Compass Official.PNG
Women of Compass: Burnout: How to identify it, treat it, and even learn how it can be prevented with Lauren Baptiste
Banyan Botanicals: Ask the Expert Series | Addressing Burnout with Ayurveda with Lauren Baptiste (Sept 22)
EMpowered connection podcast.PNG
Empowered Connection: Learning About & Moving Through Burnout with a Burnout Coach with Lauren Baptiste
Banyan Botanicals: Ask the Expert Series | Finding Alignment Amid Work Stress with Lauren Baptiste (Sept 21)
Media Kit

Media Kit

Invite Lauren Baptiste to provide thought leadership, inspiration and expertise to your next podcast, magazine, blog, article, whitepaper or interview. 


Lauren Baptiste is enhancing today’s work culture with a simple strategy: prioritize well-being as the "hardest-working" professionals climb the corporate ladder. As a life coach and consultant on a mission to help women level-up at work and at home, Lauren brings more than 13 years of experience in corporate culture and workplace burnout alongside her knowledge as practitioner of Ayurveda, hormonal health and other evidenced-based modalities. This results in clients shifting from exhausted to energetic, cynical to optimistic, and ineffective to empowered.

Lauren is also an international speaker on the topics of burnout, mindfulness and women in leadership, and has consulted for a wide range of clients including IBM, TD Securities, EY, NFL, Warner Music, Estee Lauder, Standard Chartered Bank and the United Nations. Lauren has been published in many established outlets, such as Forbes, Thrive Global, Medium and Authority Magazine. 

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