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The Benefits of Drinking Lime Water in The Morning

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first beverage that you drink? I'd be willing to bet that for most of you, the answer is coffee. I get it; a little boost of caffeine-induced energy helps to wake you up. However, today I'd like to talk about a simultaneously energizing and hydrating alternative: Warm lime water.

Over the past few weeks we've been discussing the way an empowering morning routine sets a precedent for your day. An early morning self-massage to add a protective layer of oil to your skin or using a tongue scraper after you brush your teeth to promote oral health are both examples of self-care that will leave you feeling ready to start your day.

Small changes in your routine for the sake of your health and wellness do add up. Even when we feel powerless, we can always take steps to assert our agency over our sense of wellbeing. With that in mind, I want to add drinking lime water to your list of beneficial acts in your morning routine.

The Benefits of Drinking Lime Water

I recommend drinking lime water in the morning to all of my clients. Many have asked me questions about the benefits of the drink. Why lime and not lemon? Is lemon water good for you? Is lime water better? What is the purpose of drinking lime water? Let's get into those questions as well as the benefits of drinking lime water.

A Natural Cleanser For Your GI Track

When you fall asleep at night your body moves toxins into the GI track. Your GI track wants to cleanse your body of toxins via your bowel movements as well as through urination.

What the lime does is expedite this process. Warm lime water acts as a kind of Drano for your digestive system. Think of your morning GI track as a clogged pipe. Perhaps you start with hot water to get any excess dirt or grime moving. When that doesn't work, lime acts as Drano, moving all of those toxins from your mouth to your colon.

Natural Hydration for Your Body

Did you know that when you sleep your body can lose up to a liter of water? This is why some of you may experience constipation, dry skin or cotton mouth in the morning. Lime water naturally hydrates your body.

This might be tough for all my coffee drinkers to hear but consider replacing caffeinated beverages with lime water in the morning. I'm not saying you can't drink coffee at all but beginning your day with caffeine will further dehydrate your system. Start with lime water and then move on to coffee or black tea.

Incorporate The Six Tastes Into Your Diet

Lime water encapsulates the sour taste according to Ayurveda. If you are following an Ayurvedic lifestyle, you will learn to incorporate all six tastes into your diet to achieve a sense of balance and nourishment.

As we move into the fall, we will experience the effects of the Vata dosha. These qualities include dryness, brittle bones and even some clumsiness. Our bodies are reorienting to the change in quality. The sour taste of lime aids Vata imbalances as you adjust to the new season.

Incorporate Lime Water Into Your Morning Routine

Now that we've covered all of the benefits of lime water, let's unpack the logistics of adding the drink to your morning routine.

How to Make Lime Water:

  • Cut one lime into four quarters

  • Heat water to the same temperature you might heat tea (170-180° F)

  • Pour warm water into a mug or canteen

  • Squeeze one quarter of lime into the water

  • Drink and enjoy the refreshing sour taste

LIME WATER TIP: Make sure that you aren't heating the water too much. You don't want to scald or burn the lime and the fruit will lose its healing properties if you cook it. Sometimes I combine lukewarm water with boiling water to achieve that balanced temperature.

Lime Vs. Lemon Water

My clients will often ask me why I opt for lime over hot lemon water. The truth is, both options are beneficial to your health. A lemon water detox will also leave you feeling refreshed and cleansed. However, I prefer limes because they are less acidic. According to my colleagues in dentistry, too much hot lemon water bathes the teeth in acid and can corrode enamel.

If you prefer drinking lemon water in the morning, I recommend squeezing a little less juice into the hot water as you would a lime. Lemon juice is a little bit more powerful than lime juice; you don't need as much to cleanse your body.

If you are choosing between lemon and lime, you might consider the time of year. According to Ayurveda, lime contains cooling properties and lemon exudes warming properties. If we are in a Pitta season (summer), consider choosing lime, while in the winter during Vata season, go for the lemon.

I prefer lime all year round but both fruits offer wonderfully cleansing qualities to the morning routine and will promote overall health during the day.

Choose Wellness Every Morning

It can be tempting to procrastinate building healthier habits in the morning. It's easy to say, "well, I don't have a lime and I don't have time to run to the grocery store." If you lack the right ingredients, I can guarantee that you have water at the very least. Even hot water by itself is beneficial to your health as it helps create movement in your digestion. There are always options as you continue to build healthy habits.

I know that a lot of us feel helpless and powerless during this tumultuous moment. Introducing acts of self-care into our routines will give us a sense of agency and keep us grounded in the present moment. At the very least they make us happy! My clients have said that drinking lime water feels like a warm hug and who doesn't want a comforting embrace every morning?

Are you curious about incorporating the six tastes into your Ayurvedic diet? Are you interested in introducing more healthy habits into your morning routine? Schedule your free breakthrough session and we can make a plan to start your day with energy and balance


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