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I ended up in an Emergency Room from workplace burnout. 

It was the ultimate test of how hard I was willing to work for my career.


In today’s corporate culture, the end justifies the means… until it doesn’t.

So, when I share my experience as a burnout coach successfully guiding hundreds of professional women through similar challenges at work + at home, I'm not just offering advice—I'm offering a path to achieving your career aspirations without succumbing to burnout.


For 13 years I was a top performer at Big Four Accounting Firm, always at the top-end of my earning bracket. I was a nominated “Rising Star” in the industry and earned several opportunities to work internationally. I spent my final years working part-time and still had a book of business over $4M/year.

I had all the things… and I was completely miserable.

Every day, I hear seasoned women leaders feeling stuck. (They’re stressed.) 

That they want to quit their job after 10+ years. (They’re burning out.)

That they believe their company doesn’t support them despite years of working tirelessly. (They’re burnt out.)

​You possess the leadership skills that companies desperately need at the top, perhaps more than your company realizes. But you’ve sacrificed yourself and your needs along the way and it's taking a toll.

If you know how to find ease amid a stressful career, you will no longer face hard setbacks in your career or at home.

When it comes to ending burnout and finding success in your life, I live by one rule: Start somewhere and start small.


Small wins like actually getting out of bed when you commit to it, being more present with your kids, and feeling confident internally in spite of being considered an amazing leader externally. And when momentum starts, there’s just no stopping it.


BUT there’s an important catch.


Many of the hardest-working accountants, attorneys and consultants push for all the growth in all the areas of their life overnight.


It doesn’t work because it’s too big of a jump.

There are too many limiting thoughts that sabotage your progress and create even more disappointment, overwhelm and burnout.


​I know this first-hand. It took me years to figure it out on my own.

But I can teach you how to have success at work and at home without sacrificing your time, your health or your marriage.


I help you achieve your life goals by dismantling the barriers that are getting in the way.

We start with small wins and progressively scale up.

Because, let's face it, you won't land that next promotion without addressing your burnout first. It's just not possible.

One intentional step at a time. That’s how you get there.


I know this because that’s what I did.


I took my life from burned-out to balanced.

And I did it WITHOUT my company’s help.

I will teach you everything you need to do to hit that next pay bump and find more free time.

As a burnout coach, I have helped over a hundred women make strides in their careers and at home by learning how to get what they want without sacrifice.

My clients learned how to enjoy their success without all the hustle, and they got there one small step at a time.

You can too.

Ready to get started?


"Lauren helped me through a very difficult time in my career. 

Lauren is an amazing human who is using her gifts to help others overcome the same struggles she has faced in managing her career and taking care of herself. It’s hard enough navigating a corporate environment, and if you are a leader, all eyes are on you, especially if you are a woman. This environment perpetuates a cycle, whereas women we push ourselves for recognition and forget to take care of our emotional, mental, and physical health. 
We may have success, but it is usually at a steep cost. Burnout is real, and many of us are either on the brink of experiencing it. If this is you, Lauren will help you realign your priorities, establish boundaries, and help you live a more balanced life. 
Lauren helped me through a very difficult time in my career where I questioned my contributions and self-worth. She helped me realize my worth not only in the workforce but also my worth as a human being. 
When I began a new role, she helped me to feel comfortable setting boundaries, and for the first time I truly was able to achieve work-life balance. She taught me that I could still be successful and advanced my career, but still enjoy my life and not feel like I could only have one or the other. 
She is patient, kind, and a great listener, but she gives you tough love when you need it. Having Lauren as a coach was invaluable, and I will forever be grateful to her. 

Alex C, New York, NY
Senior Manager

Woman at Work
Confident Businesswoman

"I feel more confident and excited about each day instead of waiting around for the weekend.

“My time with Lauren started when I was feeling depleted, anxious and very stuck in the same Monday through Friday routine. Lauren helped me get on track with my health and overall wellness. She's an excellent listener, gives sound advice and asks great questions which can lead to mental breakthroughs. 

After working with Lauren (burnout coach) for a few months, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! The mental block that once had me feeling stuck has dissolved and I have more mental space and motivation to set and work toward my life goals. I can't recommend Lauren enough!” 

Ashley M, Sacramento, CA
Vice President

"Working with Lauren was a life-changing experience.

I wasn't totally sure what direction I was going in when I engaged with Lauren and Acheloa Wellness, but I knew I needed something to sort of mix it up. Her support and loving energy allowed me to explore the changes that I needed to make in order to be happier, to feel more fulfilled, and also just to be more confident in some decisions that I've been making.

In the program, you're able to explore what roadblocks are coming up for you in such a supportive environment. At times, the program opened me up to some tricky or difficult topics and feelings, but to do that in a safe and supportive environment, with somebody who's such an expert and so capable of helping guide you through it really just makes all the difference." 

Sarah A, Vice President

Sag Harbor, NY


"I made changes mentally and physically I will maintain for the rest of my life.

I had the pleasure of working with Lauren during a particularly challenging time in my life, where I was wrapping up a severely stressful, year-long project I put my all into. Burnt out was my normal and I jumped at this opportunity to heal. What was so great about working with Lauren was that the insight she gave me brought me into a whole new world in terms of perspective.
With Lauren as my burnout coach, I was challenged, educated and encouraged. If you have an opportunity to learn how to take care of your physical system in this way, please do. This is so much more than eating and diet. Food is energy, the way you eat is alchemy and if you are a modern woman on a mission to show up in this world, you owe it to yourself to level up and get on this wave. This is part of the power play right here. You will not be disappointed.”

Simrit AK, Tulum, Mexico
Business Owner

Professional Young Woman


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