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Sleep Hacks for the 5 Senses

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We have been talking about Women in the Workplace and since starting that topic I have received many questions and comments about sleep and the lack of it which sparked all things sleep series. Last week we started with the basics of how important sleep is to our health and today I am going to give you some sleep hacks that you can invite into your routine.


The sleep hacks that we are going to cover are specifically for the time between dinner and before dinner. It is important that you implement a routine that will help you feel better. If you are someone who goes to bed after ten o’clock I want you to take notice if you are experiencing a second wind. I often hear that around ten o’clock at night, people physically want to go to bed but mentally they experience a second wind. Ideally, we should be going to bed by ten o’clock so the body and mind can rest so we should all work to achieve a ten o’clock bedtime.


Five elements of our universe, which correlate to the five senses of the body: Hearing, Touch, Sight, Taste, and Smell.

  • Space - hearing

  • Air - touch

  • Fire - sight

  • Water - taste

  • Earth – smell

In Ayurveda, we have learned that health = body, mind, senses, and soul. If your senses are not receiving what they need at night, then you will notice that your sleep will be negatively affected. I invite you to change up your routine with any of these sleep hacks and take notice of how your sleep changes.


Falling asleep with the television on is a common habit but it is not a great habit to have. The sound is stimulating your mind which does not allow you to fall into the deep sleep that your body, mind, and soul need.

HOW: If you are someone who feels that you cannot fall asleep without the television. I would like to invite you to try to adjust the sound that is filling your space. Audit your bedroom situation and sounds that you are trying to fall asleep to.

  • Positive sounds such as rainfall

  • Silence is golden - consider sleeping without excess sound.


When it comes to sleep, touch is specific to the skin. Are you sleeping on sheets that are making you sweat? What is the temperature of your room? Many clients tell me they prefer colder temperatures with the option to keep themselves warm vs. sleeping in warm temperatures.

HOW: Make proper adjustments to make yourself comfortable. If you wake up sweaty at night, then reevaluate your room temperature and bedding. Another great sleep hack is to massage your feet which will help you relax and stimulate your organs. After massaging your feet, massage the top of your head to close out the body capsule.

  • Sheets that are soft and moisture-wicking

  • Proper room temperature 65-73 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Massage your feet


Even though your eyes are closed there could be light that is affecting your sleep. Streetlights, sunlight, neighbors floodlights, etc. can all be shining through your window and since your eyes are closed you are not consciously aware.

HOW: If possible, install blackout shades in your room to block out distracting lighting. Adjusting your lighting while getting ready for bed. If possible implement candlelight to help soften your mood as it has a calming effect.

  • Eliminate light pollution from the street outside, television, electronics, or other visual distractions


This seems irrelevant at sleep time since tastes typically pertain to eating however, if you have a partner in the room then this may apply a little more. We will spend more time on time on oral care and the importance but keep in mind that it is the entrance to your gastrointestinal tract.

HOW: Brush your teeth and floss. It will give you a clean feeling with a minty fresh taste in your mouth which will help you sleep better.

  • Oral care


For our last sleep hack, you will want to have a good and positive smell in your space. This is also great if you have a partner in the room as well. As we enter summer the air conditioner is on and the windows are closed so you may experience a stuffy smell for many reasons.

HOW: While you are eating dinner, start a diffuser with some lavender oil so when you are ready for bed your room will be filled with a calming scent. If you can open a window to invite some fresh air that is a great way to release some stuffiness.

  • Essential oils

  • Open the window for fresh air


Most of these hacks are easy to implement with any routine. If you are finding that your sleep needs improvement, I encourage you to make small shifts in your routine and start using one or a few of these sleep hacks.

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