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What is Ayurveda Good For?

Updated: Apr 2

We are spending the whole month of February talking about Ayurveda. We started with an Intro to Ayurveda and last week we covered the Three Ayurvedic Body Types. If you have been reading about Ayurveda, tuning into our Wellness Wednesdays, and thinking that maybe Ayurveda could or could not help you I am here to clear things up for you. It can help you a great deal!

One of the top questions in relation to Ayurveda is, what is it good for. In short, Ayurveda is good for everything. It can help with stress, health, women in the workplace, disease, and so much more.


Ayur = life and Veda = knowledge and together this creates a science of longevity, a quest for a long, healthy, and full life. Knowing the basic foundation of what the science of Ayurveda means, now it is time to understand how to implement the techniques to get on the path of longevity. There are four components to Ayurveda:

  1. Body Health

  2. Mind Health

  3. Soul Health

  4. Five Senses Health


Taking these four components you may be thinking where do I begin? For most, it starts with stress management. Stress is the root of so many issues we all face and without a stress strategy we fall apart You do not want to allow your stress to get to the breaking point where things are so far gone and your health starts to deteriorate. Creating a strategy to help you tackle those triggers will allow you to stress less and start to thrive.

HOW: Think about what stresses you out the most. Write down 1-3 things that you find really brings the stress out in you. When you identify your major stressors, you will then have an opportunity to create your strategy. If your commute to work stresses you then make small shifts such as giving yourself more time or utilizing a ride share service. You may not be able to change what triggers you, but you can implement things to help you handle it better, and then it becomes less of a trigger.


So often women do not what a normal and healthy menstrual cycle is. If you do not know then how can you live at your optimal health? Some new mothers are having trouble lactating and start to feel guilty but if they understood what imbalances could be happening then they could fix the issue. It does not mean you are a bad mother because you cannot produce milk, it just means that you lack the understanding of your health. Health hiccups do not happen to you, they happen for you. They are a notification in your body letting you know that there is something off and if you ignore it, then problems will persist and eventually get worse.

HOW: Women tend to live their lives internally. All our reproductive organs are inside our bodies, we go to the bathroom behind closed doors, we internalize our emotions. As to where men (not all men but just in general), go to the bathroom in the open and they lay their emotions out on the table. As women, we need to bring these uncomfortable conversations to the table so we can have a better understanding as to what is supposed to be normal not what has been “normal” for us. Our bodies could be telling us a story that we have been ignoring for decades and then we end up having a stressful menopause. This is what Ayurveda does, it lays everything out there for us.


In the western world, we show signs and symptoms of a disease, we go to the doctor, we are diagnosed and then treated. In the world of Ayurveda, there is a deeper dive into what led up to that disease. There are six stages that lead up to disease and the fourth step is when the doctor gets involved. If you are experiencing things like headaches, gas, constipation, migraines, red burning eyes, or any other little thing that is bothering but can not put your finger on exactly why it is happening, those are premanifest diseases.

HOW: If you are experiencing the same small symptoms, I am inviting you to take a deep dive to find the root of the problem, so they do not turn into a big problem. There is a way to overcome these ailments and come back to yourself. If you are already in the disease stage, Ayurveda can still help you but you will want to work with someone at the physician level but of course, I am still available if you have any questions or need resources.


We covered how Ayurveda is good for stress, women’s health, and disease in the early and late stages. Ayurveda is good for everything. Really take this all in and see where Ayurveda can be invited into your life. Where can you use it the most?

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