• Lauren Baptiste

Metta Meditation for BLM

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Topic: Metta Meditation for BLM

When moments seem insurmountable, I revert back to the “Starfish Theory” (a term I just made up) but based on the Starfish Story. It means to not underestimate the effect of helping one. My heart feels all of the pain and unrest in this world, and at times, I’m feeling unsure of where to begin.

Metta is a Pali word derived from the word “Mita”, which means friend. This practice focuses on generating love, compassion, and friendliness with ourselves and others. Think of this practice like sending a loving text message to a friend, but instead of it coming through your phone, it’s exchanged heart to heart.

NOTE: The benefits of the practice allow you to see the best in others, create a safe relationship with those beyond our personal network, build openheartedness, and relax the pain of the heart. Although this practice can be uplifting and inspiring, it can be emotional. Allow yourself to delve as deep as you feel comfortable.

Meditation for Unity, Solidarity, and Equality


  • Find a comfortable place to sit for your meditation. Sit with a tall spine and relax the shoulders. Find a steady breath.

  • Create a phrase or sentence in a format that you can extend to yourself and others. Keep your phrase in the affirmative, wishing positive words to another. A few examples:

  1. May you know peace, as I wish to know peace.

  2. May you find ease in your daily exchanges

  3. May you feel love and peace

  4. May your journey pave your path to divine transformation

  5. Create your own!

  • Start by bringing to mind someone or something that you find easy to hold with compassion, such as a partner, friend, pet, or other loved one in your life. Hold their image steady in the mind.

  • Offer the phrase or sequence of phrases (listed below) in the following format:

  1. May you know peace, as I wish to know peace.

  • Become aware of your body and mind as you give to someone else. What changed?

  • Continue this practice by expanding to others farther outside of your circle. Progressively send the phrases out to all beings. “May all beings know peace, as I wish to know peace,”:

  1. A local acquaintance in the community that’s a front-line worker during COVID-19

  2. A passionate protestor relearning, loving and supporting humanity

  3. The Black community of brothers and sisters and all they must be feeling

  4. Expanding to a macro level praying for our world as a whole

  • End your practice by offering the phrases back to yourself. “May I know peace, as I wish to know peace.”


We don’t have to be the ones that change the entire world on our own, but we can start with one… and it’s ok if that “one” is ourselves. When we do inner work, everyone in our world benefits. This short practice can take as little as 5-10 minutes but have the potency to change our mindset away from “me”, and focused on the greater purpose that’s far beyond our comprehension.

Rewriting our mind’s thoughts and patterns can seem impossible. This time is hard, no doubt. The future of tomorrow starts with the small, consistent actions we take now. Wishing you abundant peace as you wish to know peace.