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Healing Adrenal Fatigue with Exercise

Updated: 6 days ago

When we are stressed our body starts to go through pressure, physiological effects start happening to our brain, our body starts to feel tense, and our blood starts to circulate more hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. These two hormones help with us with the fight or flight response. Life can be demanding requiring you to be at your optimum often. When you are in a constant state of stress for long periods of time you can start to experience tiredness, low energy, and generally feeling off. That is adrenal fatigue and your body is trying to tell you that healing is needed.


Not all exercise is created equal. There are many differences in different types of exercise that you can do from yoga to marathon training. Yes, they are both a form of exercise but not all exercise is optimal for healing adrenal fatigue. Going harder on your workouts is not always best for your body. If you are using exercise for anything other than a full-time job then you need to look at exercise as something that will benefit you, not hurt. Are you feeling extremely fatigued after a workout? If the answer is yes, then we need to change your workout to something that will aid in your healing.

How: Re-think your exercise by writing down how often you are exercising. If you are on the lower side of the scale, this is your encouragement to do more. Move your body. It does not have to be a high-intensity workout but challenge yourself to walk more often. In the science of Ayurveda, emotions are energy that is stuck inside your body, specifically between your stomach and large intestine. You really want to move that center of the body to release that energy. If you are on the high end of the scale, are you exercising too hard? Are you changing up your routines? If you are using exercise as your drug to attempt to heal your adrenal fatigue, I invite you to modify your workouts to find a happy medium.


If you are feeling exhausted at the end of each workout then you are likely adding more stress to your body. Women often exercise to lose weight but if you are adding more stress then your body will hold on to that stubborn fat and that weight will not come off no matter how hard you try. Maybe a twenty-minute workout is a sweet spot for one person but not someone else. The point is to work out until you feel energized not to push it to exhaustion.

How: If you are experiencing exhaustion then my invitation to you is, workout for less time but make it count. That does not mean, hitting it hard for twenty minutes and then leaving exhausted but get the most out of your workout and leave feeling great. You may also need to introduce a different type of workout. Some women need direct guidance and others like a range where they can experiment.


We have already established that high intensity, daily, and longer periods of time could be adding stress and being counterproductive for your goals. I recommend trying three to four days of exercise for twenty to thirty minutes. Since exercise is not a one size fit’s all you will need to find what works for you. Exercise could look like cardio a couple of days a week and walking the others. Maybe try some light weights for lighter intensity workouts. If you are someone who absolutely needs to get those HIIT exercises in then try to cut down one to two days a week for less time.

How: Think about exercise as a tool to help uplift you. As with any drug, you need to keep feeding your body to help you feel good. That is what is happening when you are stressed, body is releasing hormones, you exercise too much, or not enough and your body will feed it more of those hormones that are causing adrenal fatigue. It’s a cycle that can be broken by scaling your exercise to find your zone of greatness and higher energy.


Dissect your exercise. Are you not exercising enough? Write down a plan and schedule to get some movement in to release everything that has been building up and becoming stale. Are you working out too much? I know, as a former athlete it is very hard to scale it back but it is important to find that sweet spot, so you do not end up crashing from adrenal fatigue. Less is more and your performance will be better. Lastly, my invitation to everyone no matter where you are on the scale of exercise, create days of rest for yourself. If you are not resting, then you will feel the effects. Rest is also not a one size fit’s all so you will need to decide on what rest means for you. Maybe a walk instead of a run or taking a day off altogether. No matter what rest looks like for you, it is imperative that you are implementing rest. There needs to be a balance between effort and relaxation.

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