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The Power of Wellness and the Secret to Greater Efficacy in the Workplace

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

As the corporate world finally begins to acknowledge the harmful impact of chronic stress in the workplace on employees, leaders in today's professional landscape are looking for solutions to address staff burnout. Lauren Baptiste, Chief Empowerment Officer and Founder of Acheloa Wellness, offers clear and tangible steps to take for promoting wellness while increasing team productivity in any office.

Lauren provides corporate offerings customized to the unique needs, challenges, and goals of the companies and organizations she serves. These offerings include custom workshops, leadership coaching, and speaking engagements, just to name a few. Clients have found immense growth through Lauren's work with their offices as well as a renewed sense of trust between leaders and their teams.

Lauren has unique insight into the difficulties of both leading a struggling team and working while navigating burnout. Her 10 years plus experience in the corporate world allows her to relate to an employee's mental health. She can guide her corporate clients with confidence because she has that invaluable shared perspective. When she worked with ALPS Corporation, for example, she used this prior knowledge as she designed a seminar that catered to the individual needs of the employees.

“Acheloa Wellness provided a presentation that was tailored to our employees. Lauren took the time to solicit input from our employees to ensure our time spent together was useful to all in attendance. Her first-hand experiences and certification in wellness shines through in her words and actions as a coach. Thank you, Lauren, for helping us continue our path to wellness both personally and professionally.”– Liesel Brink, Director of Human Resources, ALPS Corporation, Missoula, MT

Lauren's method goes beyond the workplace. Her extensive training in the science of Ayurveda, as well as yoga, reiki, and other healing modalities, serve as the foundation of her holistic approach to wellness. She maintains the belief that wellness starts with individual choices and impacts both personal and work life. When an employee is not taking care of themselves, they cannot be their best self in the office. If not addressed, that can have an adverse effect on margins, turnover and overall employee satisfaction.

While she facilitates through a more personalized lens, Lauren also recognizes the importance of setting a precedence of wellness in the office community. When members of a whole team take care of themselves, the collective ultimately benefits. The staff at IBM learned this valuable lesson through their work with Lauren.

“Lauren provided our group with incredible insight that led to deeper teaming, greater connection and high engagement. This session had us feeling inspired to make small shifts in our daily lives and to start a conversation with our peers about wellbeing. By attending this workshop, we all left with tangible ways that we can improve our daily lives, in and out of work. ” - Alyssa Virgilio, Digital Marketing Professional, IBM, New York, NY

Another way in which Acheloa Wellness can empower the corporate world is through Lauren's work at conferences as well as her keynote speaking services. She recently joined the Women's Leadership Conference to speak with 500 participants and work more intimately in breakout sessions. Participant Kristi Eckert speaks highly of Lauren's approach to addressing a crowd and working in smaller groups.

“Lauren is personable, inspirational, a great speaker on stage and extremely professional and flexible to work with as we planned the event and co-created content that would be most relevant to the female and male participants attending. As most do, I find myself living in an 'always on' environment balancing work, travel, family, friends and myself. I cannot say enough good things about Lauren's content and delivery - I took pause to really think about her messages and most importantly, how I can activate the practical recommendations she made in order for me to create more space and balance with even the simplest of things. If we want to be transformative leaders, we need to focus on self-care, and this hit the spot. I highly recommend others to engage with Lauren and the programs she offers - you won't regret it!” - Kristi Eckert, Global Consulting Partner, EY, Cincinnati, OH

Lauren's keynote speaking topics range from learning to understand the connection between the body and the mind to increasing productivity while reducing stress in the workplace. In these more recent unprecedented times, she covers topics spanning caretaking, parenting and grief amid other stress management topics. She also works with women in leadership roles to support their growth as new opportunities become available to them in a corporate world beginning to embrace equality. Above all, she leads in a way that inspires participants to take empowered action at work and at home.

The secret to greater efficacy in the workplace is wellness. When the entire team feels happy, fulfilled, and motivated, they will put their best effort into supporting the company, especially if they too feel supported by that company. Lauren Baptiste and Acheloa Wellness can help transform any corporate space into one that prioritizes the wellbeing of its employees while boosting productivity.

If you're interested in learning more about Acheloa Wellness and Lauren's offerings, you can reach out to her and her team here.



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