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We co-create transformational programs with you that result in improved workplace happiness, employee retention, real

work-life balance, and peak performance.

Acheloa Wellness is a corporate well-being consulting firm committed to reducing stress and burnout for hardworking professionals.


We aim to embolden today’s leaders to allow balance into their lives, despite the ever-present pressures to put work above all else. By guiding professionals toward a healthier mindset in their workplace and personal lives, we are transforming the corporate landscape from a notorious hub for anxiety to a productive beacon of success. 

Through our coaching offerings, group workshops, and courses, we provide individuals with tools to live in harmony amidst the often chaotic realities of our daily lives. Our custom offerings prioritize each organization’s unique needs as they transform their cultures of burnout to environments that embrace wellness practices for employees. Our solutions are uniquely curated to measure against a company's KPIs, all while reducing turnover of middle to upper management leaders. 

At Acheloa Wellness, we maximize productivity, possibility and potential in today’s high-performing organizations to create cultures of wellbeing where all can thrive.



  • Retention of high-performing female leaders

  • Improved revenue performance

  • Stronger working memory, problem solving and flexible thinking skills

  • Decreased employee presenteeism and absenteeism

  • Lower reported levels of anxiety and work related stress

  • Increased resilience and positivity

  • Higher levels of employee engagement and job satisfaction

  • Increased awareness of social dynamics

  • Contribute to solving the gender gap in succession planning

 The Acheloa Solution 


Focused and personalized

well-being offerings to decrease

employee turnover and increase

organizational revenue

Person-to-person connections

builds community, commitment, and accountability

On-site experiences

to increase employee loyalty and

decrease absenteeism

Progressive programs

to support women throughout all 

stages of their career, including

personal milestones

How we serve our clients:

  • Internal burnout prevention tools

  • Group health and lifestyle coaching

  • Women’s workplace wellness programs

  • Holistic health and wellness seminars

  • Custom health improvement programs

  • Meditation and mindfulness sessions

  • Custom workshops

  • Leadership coaching

  • Speaking engagements

  • Corporate yoga classes

  • Health Assessments

  • On retainer engagements



  • Stress management training series: proven program to overcome burnout and fatigue

  • Breaking the glass ceiling: a workshop to overcome loose boundaries, stigma and limiting beliefs

  • Busy season and health training series: living in flow with our bodies, our moods and our colleagues

Corporate Testimonials

“Acheloa Wellness presented for our employees and provided a presentation that was tailored to our employees. Lauren took the time to solicit input from our employees to ensure our time spent together was useful to all in attendance. Her first-hand experiences and certification in wellness shines through in her words and actions as a coach. Thank you, Lauren, for helping us continue our path to wellness both personally and professionally.”

Liesel Brink

Director of Human Resources, ALPS Corporation

Missoula, MT