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FREEDOM - Burnout Coaching Program FAQs

Updated: Jan 9

Burnout FAQs

As a burnout coach, I often hired to facilitate speaking events and workshop for organizations. Below you will find the questions that were asked of me at a recent event, and their answers.

I realized that while many of you may hear me talking about my coaching program, Freedom, unless you're in it, you might not know the details of what you can gain from it. If you are newer to my work, or curious of what qualifies as a good life coach, this will shed light and transparency in how I work:

FREEDOM - Burnout Coaching Program FAQS

Q: Can you tell us more about Freedom?

A: I designed my signature 1:1 burnout coaching program, Freedom, to help the hardest-working women breakthrough the effects of "billable-hour burnout" and develop the skills to have a career they love without hustle.

Freedom is my 6-month signature private coaching program comprised of bi-monthly calls to overcome your hurdles and end the hustle and unlimited text and email support to maintain accountability. It helps my clients get the exact tools needed to grow big without burning out.

Q: What is the methodology behind your program?

A: My Program Freedom is broken down in 5 SIMPLE STEPS to help you break-through the effects of burnout. These 5 steps are:

  1. Energy - Our health is everything. Physical and mental health are the priority in this step to ensure we're progressing on a solid foundation. Here, we work through simple techniques to boost mood, energy and overall wellbeing.

  2. Strategy - To prioritize what’s important, and let go that which doesn’t serve. Here we work on time management, healthy boundaries and prioritizing what matters. Here we learn to say NO, and feel good about it. :)

  3. Clarity - For the first time (maybe ever!) we introduce your cleaned up inner and outer worlds. In this pillar you will identify real alignment in your life.

  4. Harmony – This is where things start to happen. Whether it’s that promotion or that boost in your confidence, here you’ll know how to use your heart and feel your way forward. I love this pillar because finally gives you permission to LOVE YOUR LIFE AND YOURSELF.

  5. Mastery - To arrive at this point, we take all the tools, techniques and mindset shifts we’ve learned and embody them fully at work and at home. This pillar is all about owning your personal greatness with certainty.

You get to learn this process using my proven format, but the speed in which we move is 100% catered to you. We go at your pace, and I do this by meeting you exactly where you’re at. Through this process, you will learn so much about yourself, your thought patterns and a clear understanding of why you’ve been feeling so stuck these last few months or years. Together we’ll find a clear path to get you leveling-up.

Q: What can I expect from working with you?

A: While the results vary from client to client, below are the results you can expect from working together in a coaching capacity:

  • Accomplish your next career goal with ease

  • Recover from workplace burnout

  • Implement evaluation strategy to actualize success in your personal and professional life

  • Improve confidence

  • Boost decision making abilities

  • Uphold healthy boundaries

  • Master conscious leadership

  • Burnout recovery and burnout prevention

Burnout Coaching FAQs

Q: What system do you use to differentiate for different personality types?

A: I use Ayurveda as the basis to understand my clients' body-mind type, and understand where they my have fallen out of alignment (aka "off track"). That helps me know what tweaks they need to make to recover from burnout and best position themselves for the work that they love to do.

Q: How often do you meet with clients?

A: We meet 2x per month as part of my 6 month program, Freedom.

Q: How do you manage clients who are not great at maintaining the teachings from coaching into their day to day? A: I offer a text component using the Signal App to my Freedom program that provides daily accountability. It's so helpful to create new patterns that motivate them to take action!

Q: How often is “too often” to contact you as a client on Signal?

A: Never too often. The text support is unlimited!

Q: Do you set deadlines? Do you set a limit on how long you will be working together?

A: Clients work with me for at least least 6 months, but we work together one 6-month contract at a time. There are clients that work with me for a few rounds to hit their goals. What I've often found, however, is that once clients hit their goals, they have newer goals that they want to accomplish, too. That's very normal for when we recover from burnout that we have drive and ambition, and we keep working together until we've achieved mastery.

Q: How long do you typically work with clients?

A: I end up working with most clients for 1-3 rounds, which looks like 6-18 months. When a client recovers from burnout and starts to find clarity in their work, they find a new sense of self and often want to go deeper into their personal growth.

Q: Are there other programs outside of the Freedom program?

A: Freedom is my only program because it gets my clients their desired results of recovering from "billable-hour" burnout!

Q: Who's a good fit for Freedom?

What you need to know about Burnout Coaching

A: Someone is a good fit if:

  • They’re committed to making changes in their life

  • They’ve been stuck in a rut for a long time, and can see that continuing to live this way is no longer serving them

  • They want to become their favorite version of themselves

  • They are ready to make the investment of time, energy and money to end their hustle and burnout, and to start having everything they want

Q: Who's not a good fit?

A: Coaching is not for someone who:

  • Continues to push off their success.

  • Doesn’t believe that having it all is possible.

  • Thinks they can figure this out all on their own, even though years have passed and they’re still burnt-out.

  • Relies on their company, their spouse or someone else to fix this for them.

  • Believes decades of undoing can be fixed overnight.

Q: Lauren, you mentioned the types of people who are not appropriate for coaching but it seems to me that those people are the ones who need coaching more. How does one breakout of that mindset and open themselves up to the idea of "outside coaching"?

A: The reality is that clients that think they can figure it out for themselves or want their company to solve their problems isn't one of my best clients. I work with those who know that they need help. I often say "If they bring the desire, I bring the HOW"

Q: Have you ever worked with anyone who is going from stay at home mom (10 years) to work again?

A: Yes, 100%. I had a consultation with a woman last week who was in the same boat. She's planning when we'll kick-off, but happy to talk with whomever you have in mind.

Q: Can you share some of the expected results of working together?

A: While the specific results vary from client to client, here are some guiding principles that all of my clients embody after doing this work. ⁠

  1. They're aware of their mindset always. ⁠

  2. They are disciplined enough to navigate through the hard stuff, not by working harder, but working smarter.⁠

  3. They get the support they need to stay in the game until they get the results they've been working for.⁠

  4. They take massive action on what they want, vs. waiting for others to provide it to them.⁠

  5. They don't live in failure; they learn from it by evaluating, pivoting and repeating until they succeed.

  6. They remember that "bittersweet" is the path to anything good. 99% of all goals require some "bitter" discipline for some "sweet" rewards. (Note: Anything that comes to us sweet without the bitter is often fleeting.)⁠

  7. They manage their time well.⁠

  8. They know that prioritizing their needs isn't selfish, especially when it means they're a better mom, boss, colleague, daughter, etc. They're selfish to be truly selfless. ⁠

Q: Do you work with clients based in another country?

A: Yes!

Q: Do you work with men?

A: Yes, but based on my background of women's hormonal health, I work mostly with women.

This is a good summary, but it's definitely not all-inclusive. What are you thinking about as you read this? Curious to learn more about how we can work together? Satisfy your curiosity - book a FREE consultation call to get you questions answered today!

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