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Get to Know the Benefits of Life Coaching... Even if You're Skeptical

Updated: Feb 8

Benefits of Life Coaching

As I've gotten to know a wide variety of clientele over the years, one of the most challenging parts of the journey toward wellness is taking that first step. Sometimes, it's hard to even put your shoes on, so to speak, let alone take any steps, especially when you're in the throes of burnout. This is where understanding the benefits of life coaching can be transformative.

I understand why you might be skeptical about the benefits of life coaching. In fact, I was once a skeptic too. I lived my life in accordance with today's non-stop, rise-and-grind culture. And when my commitment to putting work over my mental, emotional, and physical health resulted in a hospital visit, I realized just how little I understood about setting boundaries and prioritizing myself.

If you've noticed that you're consistently feeling unhappy or apathetic, now is the time to break those habits and routines that don't serve you. I worked with a client, Phillip, who'd been considering life coaching but felt an understandable hesitance. Once he took that scary first step, his perspective changed entirely, showcasing the real-life benefits of life coaching.

“After considering a life coach for a several years, I made the decision to move forward and hire Lauren Baptiste after hearing great things about her work. My purpose was to modify and/or break routines that I established for many years that no longer served me well. Lauren was instrumental in working through some of those challenges with her experience, empathy, creativity and elegance. I highly recommend her services to break barriers, change routines, and create more satisfaction in life.” - Phillip S.

My clients often describe that little voice in their head telling them if they aren't doing enough, then they themselves aren't enough. Here's the thing, your worth is not contingent on your ability to be productive constantly. Never prioritizing rest and opportunities to recharge is exactly how we burn out, which ultimately leads to even less productivity in the long run. Understanding this is key to recognizing the benefits of life coaching.

Furthermore, clients often believe progress happens overnight. And sure, you can make some adjustments quickly, but lasting change takes time. I don't blame my clients for beginning our process with these beliefs in mind; our whole culture revolves around instant gratification. However, my work starts with ending that cycle of negative self-talk, illustrating one of the many benefits of life coaching.

Take my client Amy, who made small, consistent, and meaningful changes which led to big improvements in her mood and overall health.

“Lauren is very skilled at listening and focusing on the positive shifts that occur. Our regular sessions gave me an opportunity to continually re-align to my goals, even if I felt like I had not accomplished enough. She helped me see that even small steps are progress in the desired direction." - Amy M.

Once we address the detrimental patterns our minds perpetuate, I bring my clients' focus to their bodies. Perhaps you haven't considered how your mind and body connect. I understand that! We aren't typically taught to pay attention to our bodies on a daily basis. Understanding this connection is another benefit of life coaching.

Through my training in the science of Ayurveda, I work with my clients on holistic methods to address discomfort, pain, and/or distress, as well as addressing what kinds of foods will nourish rather than deplete their energy.

If you haven't thought about how powerfully food can impact your physical wellbeing as well as your overall mood, I urge you to consider it. My client Simrit reframed her entire relationship to nourishment and, as a result, changed her life.

“I had the pleasure of working with Lauren during a particularly challenging time in my life. Burnout was my normal and I jumped at this opportunity to heal. In working with Lauren, I was challenged, educated, encouraged and made changes mentally and physically I will maintain and teach for the rest of my life. If you have an opportunity to learn how to take care of your physical system in this way, please do. This is so much more than eating and diet. Food is energy, the way you eat is alchemy, and if you are a modern woman on a mission to show up in this world, you owe it to yourself to level up and get on this wave." -Simrit AK

I understand feeling doubt or resistance toward making a life change. It can be difficult to sort through the influx of information on what is helpful and harmful to our health, especially online. This is why having a coach through the process is paramount. Through my private coaching services, I do that work for you as I get to know your unique set of goals and challenges. Together, we co-create a solution of how to navigate change that feels inspiring, easy, and fun.

Whether or not you decide life coaching is for you, I hope you take a moment to acknowledge your worth and your right to fulfillment each day. And if you're interested in learning more about the resources I have available to you, feel free to reach out! I'm here and ready to talk about your journey of growth.

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