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A CEO's Success Story: Empowered Leadership by working with a Burnout + Time Management Coach

Burnout Recovery

In the demanding world of billable hours and relentless client demands, many professionals find themselves on the brink of burnout. This is a common challenge, especially in professions that rely heavily on precise time management.

Today, I'm sharing the transformation of a CEO who turned her work life around with the help of me, Lauren Baptiste, a burnout and time management coach.

The Challenge: Overcoming Burnout with a Time Management Coach

When she first came to me, this CEO of a successful bookkeeping business was grappling with burnout, feeling overwhelmed by her responsibilities.

She worked tirelessly, even on weekends, and struggled with guilt when taking time off. Her enjoyment of work dwindled as she faced issues with employees, feared losing clients, and actually lost some. Despite winning a new big client, she was sacrificing her well-being and her business's financial health by not managing invoices and cash collections effectively, impacting her personal life.

Her business performance was affecting her marriage and self-esteem. Upon meeting with her, I realized her mindset was the main issue, possibly exacerbated by poor time management.

I introduced her to my five-step process by using my tools as a time management coach, focusing on changes that had a significant impact on her.

Strategic Changes Guided by a Time Management Coach:

Burnout Recovery

If you want to solve time management, you need to know this: it's not just about managing your calendar. It's about getting to the root of the issues that are preventing you from managing your time. In the case of this CEO, it also included uncovering tendencies of procrastination and people pleasing.

Time Management Mastery

With me as her a time management coach, the CEO was able to tackle her chronic procrastination by restructuring her schedule to prioritize critical monthly tasks and statutory deadlines. This new approach minimized unnecessary commuting and optimized on-site work efficiency, preventing double booking and burnout.

Addressing People Pleasing

While working together, we also addressed her propensity for people pleasing. This meant learning how to say "no" to clients when they wanted to chat for an hour, and managing the discomfort that occurred when she had to enforce a boundary.

By setting clear boundaries and focusing on her actual service scope, she regained control over her time and reduced the stress of people-pleasing. Learning to delegate effectively is also a critical skill in overcoming people-pleasing tendencies. For more on this, explore our insightful post on delegation strategies to further enhance your ability to manage time and responsibilities.

These targeted changes helped her reclaim her time and focus, paving the way for a healthier work-life balance and renewed enjoyment in her business.

The Transformation: Results from Time Management Coaching

After only a few months of coaching, the CEO of a bookkeeping business has transformed her work habits and mindset.

Previously working nights and weekends, she now adheres to a more structured schedule of 8 AM to 6 PM on weekdays and a few hours on Saturday mornings. This change has allowed her to manage her time better and reduce feelings of guilt about taking time off.

She's also created space in her calendar for emergencies and works from home on Fridays to prepare for the weekend, enhancing her work-life balance. With the support of my coaching, she's beginning to enjoy her work again, feeling more productive and capable of handling her role. This progress exemplifies the positive impact of coaching, helping her move from burnout to recovery.

Burnout Recovery


This CEO’s experience demonstrates the effectiveness of burnout and time management coaching in overcoming burnout and restoring balance. It's a testament to how targeted changes can dramatically improve both professional outlook and personal well-being.

For further reading on the benefits of effective time management in the workplace, including happier employees and lower turnover, check out this comprehensive resource: Understanding Time Management.

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Burnout is a significant obstacle in many careers, underscoring the importance of effective time management and strategic planning. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the demands of work and personal commitments, consider adopting new techniques to overcome the effects of burnout, starting with your time management skills.

As a coach specializing in helping professionals—particularly women in demanding roles—I offer tailored support to help you master your schedule and reduce stress. Begin your journey to a more organized and fulfilling professional life by scheduling a consultation call with me. Together, we'll work on strategies that realign your daily routines and rejuvenate your career through improved time management.

Burnout Coaching with Lauren Baptiste



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