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Stress Free Salad Recipes | Acheloa Wellness

Updated: Apr 2

The naysayers think that salads are boring. Tell them to think again by including these salad ideas in your next meal!

Salads are full of wonderful nutrients that not only give you the vital vitamins and minerals you need, but they can taste delicious, too. In our mission to make this world happy and healthy, we’re here to show you some tricks that keep us salad-satisfied all year long.

Salad Ideas

1. Don’t fall into a rut.

The key to salad success is variety. Don’t allow yourself to buy the same tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. You’ll be tired after two days; that’s a promise! Next time you’re at the grocery store, try adding one new ingredient. Creativity certainly helps here – don’t be scared.

2. Iceberg isn’t the only lettuce out there.

You’ve been doing yourself a lifetime of disservice if you’re only using iceberg lettuce to make a salad. Grocery stores now offer many, many varieties of lettuce, starting but not limited to: bibb, Boston, romaine, dandelion, endive, radicchio, escarole, spinach, collard, cabbage, mustard green and kale. The list goes on.

If you’re worried about making the leap of faith, or even betraying your long-time friend, try mixing your everyday lettuce with some radicchio or chard. You’ll be surprised how this one ingredient can significantly impact the flavor and integrity of your salad.

3. Toppings – go nuts!

Seeds, nuts and dried fruits pack a great nutritional punch and can enhance salad taste and variety. Sometimes I like to add apricot and almonds to easily boost hormonal health, but the combinations are endless.

Added bonus: they cut down salad prep time. A handful of each, and you’re ready to go.

4. Dressings don’t need to be so one-dimensional.

What do you put on your salad? If only for one day, scrap the plastic bottles of goop. Besides, do you even know what’s in there? We’ll save that for another article.

I usually top my salads with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon, but when I’m bored, I utilized fresh hummus, tahini or even leftover marinara sauce. Okay, I might be moving too far outside of the box, but just try something different. Apple cider vinegar or lime juice is a great topper to any salad.

Or dare I say, just go bare? Yes, I’m saying no dressing at all. After all, if you’re buying great produce, you’ll soon notice that you may not even need to top it at all. Go topless.

5. Invite fruit to your salad party.

There’s nothing more refreshing than a summer spinach salad with strawberries, blueberries and walnuts. Enough said.

6. Add Protein.

Meats are a great add to any salad. If you’re accustomed to chicken, try fish, pork or steak. Alternatively, and for the vegetarians out there, add some quinoa, chickpeas or lentils on top of any base. You may even consider making these the base for a vegetarian treat!

Adding protein to a salad definitely keeps me satiated longer, but it’s not necessary. Did you know that you’re still getting protein from vegetables such as peas, broccoli, legumes or sweet potatoes?

7. Sometimes less is more.

The danger of salad bars is adding everything into that small container. Then, when you sit down to eat, you’re stuck with some funky-tasting product. Not ideal. My rule of thumb is to add about 5 or 6 ingredients to any salad. That way, it’s hard for the flavors to clash.

Are you stuck in a salad rut? Are you curious to learn what foods give your body the most health and vitality? Every body is different and requires different boosts to supercharge your health. Click here to speak with a member from our team to learn how you can begin to rewrite the future of your fertility.

Happy eating!

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