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5 Way To Better The Planet and Yourself on Earth Day

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Earth Day arrives each spring with a feeling of renewal. Like a breath of fresh air, we can treat this holiday as an opportunity to ground ourselves while exhaling things that no longer serve us or our relationship with the earth.

Are you looking for new ways to keep healthy and make a positive impact this Earth Day? In the spirit of a holiday entirely dedicated to the love and respect of our planet, I've listed five ideas to help you nourish your mind, body and spirit while protecting the Earth.

Reconnect with Nature and with Yourself

1. Movement – This idea is all about introducing healthy movement into your life while reducing your carbon footprint. Ask yourself, can you walk or bike to your destination instead of driving or taking public transportation? Oftentimes if you leave the house just half an hour earlier, then you can choose the more sustainable travel option. Plus, exercise promotes stress reduction and heart health. It's a win-win scenario: clear your mind while keeping your conscious clear on an environmentally friendly walk or bike ride.

2. Nourishment – Make environmentally conscious grocery and cooking choices. For example, consider

adding one vegetarian day a week to your calendar. Many enjoy starting their workweek off with Meatless Monday! You can make an impact when you refrain from giving your money to the environmentally damaging meat industry.

If a vegetarian day feels too unrealistic for you, consider cooking simpler meals such as tacos or pasta. These foods require less water and travel time to our grocery stores and therefore can help shrink your carbon footprint.

Finally, check out your local farmers market or buy into a CSA, a community farm share program. Sourcing fresh local foods not only benefits your body but allows you to support your community.

3. Disconnect – Many studies and popular media outlets have detailed the health benefits of unplugging. In celebration of renewal and building healthier habits, try committing to making time in the day to disconnect from your devices. After a long day of work, how about enjoying a sunset walk, candlelit dinner or screen-less evening? These small acts give your mental space the fresh start it needs.

4. Mindfulness– Mindfulness is more accessible than you might think. An action as simple as a 5-minute meditation will ground you and help you connect back to the present moment. Anyone with internet access has read about how meditation can help us destress, but have you considered how moving through the world with more mental clarity will allow you to become a more conscious contributor to your community and society as a whole? Check out apps like Calm, YouTube or even one of my previously recorded meditations to find peace and ease!

5. Gratitude – We immediately think about being grateful for those that surround us, which is wonderful, but what about giving a little love to Mother Nature? Say thank you in whatever way is meaningful to you. Plant a flower, volunteer at a community garden or simply take a deep breath and say, "thank you."

Destress, Reconnect and Give Back

Sometimes it takes hard times to invite positive practices in our life. Whether you're feeling satisfied with your life or working your way out of a dark time, remember that it’s never too late to reconnect with our beautiful Earth. In appreciating the roots of connection to our planet, we may find a deeper appreciation for ourselves.

Are you curious about the benefits of mindfulness practices? Maybe you're looking for more ways to incorporate sustainability into your daily routine. Schedule your free breakthrough session and we can create a personalized plan to help you thrive in 2021.


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