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One CPA’s Solution to Closing the Gender Gap

Updated: Apr 2

Hello Friends and Supportive Community,

I wanted to give you a quick and exciting update on Drink Your Juice: we have a new name. Going forward, we’ll be known as Acheloa Wellness, and we’re focused on empowering women by overcoming the impacts of workplace stress and burnout on the body and mind. For the past year, we’ve been collaborating and co-creating with organizations of all sizes to incite meaningful impact. We’re increasing retention and decreasing the gender gap. Acheloa Wellness was born out of naturally solving my own personal burnout episode in 2013.  Here’s what happened:


What started as a career in accounting led me to my personal calling of empowering professional women.

Upon graduating college, I was employed by a prestigious accounting firm. Albeit incredibly excited, I was regularly working 60-80 hour work-weeks, eating unhealthy and gave up on my wellness passions. Sleep was compromised and to compensate for all the stress, I was drinking alcohol to excess. I had no idea the havoc I was bringing into my life.

During this time, and what I thought to be completely unrelated, I had cystic acne, irregular periods, ovarian cysts, anxiety, psoriasis rosacea and mild depression.

In 2013, after years of compounded hard days and unhealthy nights, I hit rock bottom. While on an incredibly stressful work trip, my body burnt-out. I ended up in the nearest emergency room and scared beyond belief. I realized that this cannot be the essence of my life. Most importantly, I decided no one should suffer from the impacts of stress and burnout! There has to be a better, healthier, happier way.

From the moment I left the hospital, I began experimenting on my body. I discovered the sciences of hormonal health and Ayurveda, which taught me that the perception of my stress was the main culprit of my personal unhappiness. I used the following years to devise a bullet-proof methodology to support individual from episodes of burnout and find a sustainable path to empowerment.

I’m sharing this powerful knowledge with organizations and individuals to incite long-lasting change in the professional industry. This is my mission, purpose and dharma


Acheloa Wellness is a Manhattan-based boutique consulting firm specializing in creating cultures of wellness where top talent can thrive.

We are fixated on preventing and transforming stressful cultures that lead to burnout and high turnover, especially in women. These workplace stressors are costing organizations billions in annual diversity challenges and attrition costs. Our programs create wellness at the organizational level as well as working individually with women leaders to prevent and transform burnout.

With workplace burnout now on the forefront of everyone's minds, as it's been recently declared a diagnosable disease by the Worldwide Health Organization, companies are rethinking how stress is impacting their employees and overall culture.

At this point, Acheloa Wellness has already impacted thousands of individuals via Fortune 500 companies, international organizations, not for profits and start-up organizations, covering a diverse background of industries and needs. We also supports individuals with inspirational mentorship programs.

Are you curious how you can create long-lasting impact by infusing workplace wellness into your organization? Click here to schedule a call with our team. There’s no better time than now to incite positive change in your personal and professional life.

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