• Lauren Baptiste

How to Thrive and Not Get Sick | Acheloa Wellness

Being sick is the absolute worst, especially in the summer. By the time you mix work, fitness and playtime, you suddenly find yourself slacking on what’s most important… your health!

When you start feeling run down, instead of trudging through to the point of complete exhaustion, STOP what you’re doing and prioritize your self-care. I’ve outlined a few tips you can incorporate to prevent your next cold.

Cold Prevention Tips

Sleep – How much have you been sleeping recently? With those late nights gazing at the stars and dancing the night away, somehow sleep slips the mind. The amount of sleep needed each night varies from person to person, but try to focus on a solid 7-8 hours per night. A couple of good nights in a row can bring you back to a healthy, happy you.

Drink your fluids – hydration is key to great health. When you’re feeling down, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. As a rule of thumb, aim to drink half your weight in fluid ounces (e.g., if you weigh 150 lbs, drink 75 ounces of water). Also great for hydration is a home-brewed, low caffeine iced tea or a green juice.

Essential oils – when I start feeling under the weather, I look to my natural arsenal of therapeutic-grade essential oils to nurse me back to health. I use a combination of the following oils and use them regularly: clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint. I diffuse them, drink them in water and rub them on my feet.

Eat well – look at what you’re eating. When you get that first feeling of a stuffy nose or a sore throat, check what you’re feeding your body. Instead of summer hot dogs, focus on eating leafy greens, whole grains and plenty

Take “me time” – after weeks of working hard, the last thing we forget about is “me time”. We run from one event to the next. Before you know it, the only time to yourself is running errands or doing laundry. If you don’t already prioritize time for yourself, consider doing more of it. I schedule a recurring invite in my calendar; sounds silly, but that way, I always know that I do something just for me.

From the moment you start feeling under the weather, listen to your body and slow down. It always knows best, but usually, we don’t listen to it enough.

Stress is one of the easiest ways to reduce your immunity and get sick during flu season. Have you ever felt yourself get sick after a challenging work deadline or excess stress? Ready breakthrough your stress, once and for all? Click here to connect with a member from our team to learn how you can overcome current stress triggers to find more energy, productivity and joy in your everyday life.