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The Benefits of Dry Brushing Ayurveda

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

The Benefits of Dry Brushing Ayurveda

If you think juice cleanses are the only way to detoxify your body, think again. Learn about the benefits of dry brushing ayurveda.

If you're anything like me, you're always keeping an eye out for new and effective ways to take care of your skin. I learned about dry brushing, also known in the Ayurvedic world as "Garshana," a few months ago. I figured I’d try it for myself and I'm glad I did to say the least. The results were instantaneous.

For those who don't know, dry brushing refers to the process of using natural bristles to brush your skin. You can start by dry brushing your stomach and work your way around your body.

We'll get into the skin brushing directions as well as its uses. But first, let's unpack the benefits as well as how I felt when I tried this skin detoxifying powerhouse technique.

Once I learned how to ayurveda dry brush, I could see noticeable improvements in my skin. Currently, I brush a few times each week as a part of my self-care routine. I can always see the benefits of dry brushing as my skin feels amazing afterwards and my body is energized.

While researching this skincare phenomenon, I came across an article in The Huffington Post, detailing the process and benefits of dry brushing. We'd like to include this excerpt to better explain what it’s all about:

The Benefits of Dry Brushing Ayurveda

How Often to Ayurveda Dry Brush:

Dry skin brushing effectively opens up the pores on your skin. This is something you can — and should — be doing daily, even twice a day. Your skin should be dry, so the ideal time is in the shower before you turn on the water. Just a reminder, don’t get the brush wet.

Skin Brushing Directions:

You should only brush towards the heart. Making long sweeps, avoid back and forth, scrubbing and circular motions. Start at your feet, moving up the legs on both sides, then work from the arms toward your chest. On your stomach, direct the brush counterclockwise. And, don’t brush too hard: Skin should be stimulated and invigorated but not irritated or red.

Type of Ayurveda Dry Brush:

The bristles should be natural, not synthetic, and preferably vegetable-derived. The bristles themselves should be somewhat stiff, though not too hard. Look for one that has an attachable handle for hard-to-reach spots, if necessary.

The Benefits of Dry Brushing Ayurveda

Benefits of Garshana:

In addition to sloughing away dry skin on areas like knees, elbows and ankles, body brushing promotes tighter skin, cell renewal and blood flow. This also helps the lymphatic system release toxins and aids in digestion and kidney function. You’ll also notice a glowy, smooth complexion. We love it because it’s one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective things we can do for promoting healthy skin.”

Sounds a bit ridiculous, but the hardest part of starting this new routine was actually finding a brush. I went to a few local health food stores and pharmacies and had no luck. But no fear, these brushes do exist and can be found in Whole Foods or Bed Bath & Beyond. Alternatively, you can find them online. I’ve personally enjoyed using Yerba Prima Skin Brush, but there are other great options out there, too. Be sure to purchase a brush constructed of plant fibers, not synthetic fibers. After all, we’re going all natural, aren’t we? No longer can we neglect our biggest organ. Grab a brush and start strokin’!

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