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Why do Women Get Stressed?

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March is women’s month and holds a day dedicated to international women. Just a wonderful way to celebrate women and I am all about it. My focus is on women and their health, so we are not going to narrow this topic to just one month/day. We are going to keep this conversation going in terms of forever because women are amazing. This does not mean that our male counterparts are not as equaling amazing because they are, but today is about women and why we get stressed.


There are so many reasons such as multi-tasking, errands, to-do lists, jobs, long hours, living in a world that feels rigid and masculine, and the list goes on. Women’s menstrual cycle causes their brain chemistry to change constantly which means, who are today and who you will be two weeks from now can vary. This is an opportunity to help us understand ourselves and each other better and help us get back to balance. With the laundry list of reasons why we could be stressed comes with the habit of not making time for ourselves. There is a trend that women are working long hours but still traditionally, taking on the home life tasks and we still have a long way to go before these trends to shift to a shared 50/50 weight of responsibility.


Women are living out of harmony with the ebb and flow of their life. The world is so rigid and we become creatures of habit with our daily lives. Our days remain to look the same but our bodies shift every single month. Once you realize and have an understanding of what your needs are like your body shifts, your life will change. I have done a lot of research and studies with many different types of healing methods they all come back to the idea that if you are living out of harmony then you are going against your nature. If you have ever pushed yourself too much during your menstrual cycle then you may have experienced cramping, migraines, breast tenderness, clotting during your period, water retention, etc. Then you did not listen to the cues your body is giving you. Why are we stressed? We are stressed because we are unaware of what our body is telling us. We just keep pushing through and ignoring all of the signals.

How: My invitation to you, listen to your body. Everything that is happening in your body, to your body, is happening for your body. It is giving you a signal of what to do every month or maybe every day. Use an app or your preferred method to track your cycle. When you know where you are in your cycle things will start to make sense as to what you are feeling and experiencing which will allow you to work through it appropriately.


It is important that you introduce some self-care into your life. I do not care if you have ten kids, a CEO of a large company, or whatever your reason is for not making time for you, there needs to be your time. If you are not caring for yourself then you will not be able to genuinely care for anyone else.

How: Start with ten to fifteen minutes of something small that you can do for yourself. That could be a meal uninterrupted, journaling, taking a moment to stand outside in the sun, and breathe. Whatever brings you joy, I invite you to start implementing that small self-care practice into your life.


This is a big one, possibly the hardest, but especially important. We all tend to get to a point where our cup is full, and we cannot take on any more. I am here to tell you that it is okay to say no. It is okay to not attend events that do not serve you, to say no to those who do not inspire you in your daily life, it is okay to tell your boss no because your plate is already full and you do not want to sacrifice quality. Of course, we need to know when, where, and how often it is okay to say no but we also need to get to the point with just saying it. Without personal boundaries, we literally bleed out energy, personal resources, money, and our capacity to love.

How: Examine the areas of your life that you would like to scale back. It could be something like an event or shift your time spent to spend it on yourself. If you are in a busy season of your life and do not know where to start, it may be easiest to start small. Maybe that looks like enjoying your lunch in silence instead of with co-workers.


We need to take control of ourselves so we can thrive and kickass. Putting ourselves last on the list will not allow us to get where we want to be, where we deserve to be. Everyday check in with your body. Love yourself every single day. Every day take a moment to examine your current situation and if you have room to take on more or if you even want to take on more. My final invitation to you is, live in harmony to breakthrough stress.

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