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Understanding Death Gives Life Meaning

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Let’s start from the very beginning by talking about the end: Death. The only way to fully live your life is to realize that you’re not invincible. Death is a scary thing to many, but a reality to all. Why are we so scared? What if we thought of death as the climax of our lives, instead of the end? All of you living in the western world must think we’re completely nuts. We are, but hear us out.

Osho, a spiritual teacher or “guru” in the 1970s, was wise beyond his years. He was followed by many, but misunderstood by the masses. His teachings came across harsh and sometimes inappropriate, but we find him profoundly enlightening. Osho answers the question of fear and death below in his book, Gold Nuggets:

“We are afraid of death because we know we are going to die, and we don’t want to die. We want to keep our eyes closed. We want to live in a state as if ‘everybody else is going to die, but not me.’ That is the normal psychology of everybody: ‘I am not going to die.”

To bring up death is taboo. People become afraid because it reminds them of their own death. They are so much concerned with the trivial, and death is coming. But they want that trivia to keep them engaged. It functions as a curtain: they are not going to die, at least not now. Later on… “whenever it happens, we will see.”

Do you fear death? Could it be because you’re not living life to its fullest? If your goal is to wake every morning pursuing a life without regrets, you won’t fear death, but instead, appreciate every minute you have in this world. Each one of us has the control to live for today. Instead of waiting for tomorrow, try seizing this very moment. Osho continues:

“In life nothing is permanent, nothing can be permanent. It is not within your hand to make anything permanent… Today love is there, tomorrow one knows not: it may be there, it may not be there. It is not in your hands to control it… The stones may be permanent. The flowers cannot be. And love is not a stone. It is a flower, and of a rare quality.”

Let us appreciate today as the rarest flower of all. After all, it’s not about how we die; it’s about how we choose to live.

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