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Tired After Work? EisnerAmper's Guide to Healthy Work-Life Boundaries

Updated: Jan 12

EisnerAmper's Guide to Healthy Work-Life Boundaries

The Blurred Lines of Work and Home: Understanding "Why Am I So Tired After Work?"

In today's fast-paced digital age, the lines between our professional and personal lives have become increasingly blurred. Many often wonder, "why am I so tired after work?" or exclaim, "my job is stressing me out!" With many of us working from home due to unforeseen circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic, distinguishing between work hours and personal time has become a challenge, leading to this fatigue.

The Impact of Boundaryless Work Environments on Fatigue

The absence of clear boundaries can lead to feelings of constant work mode, even during personal hours. This can result in burnout, decreased productivity, and a decline in overall well-being, making many exclaim, "why am I so tired after work?" or "my job is stressing me out!" For instance, Travis James Fell, a project manager at Hypori, found himself constantly interrupted by family members during work hours, leading to longer workdays and reduced focused time.

EisnerAmper's Guide to Healthy Work-Life Boundaries

EisnerAmper's Approach to Healthy Boundaries: Addressing the "Tired After Work" and "Job Stress" Dilemmas

At EisnerAmper, understanding and addressing the causes of burnout and the common sentiments of "why am I so tired after work?" and "my job is stressing me out" is a priority. As part of their commitment, EisnerAmper has introduced a comprehensive burnout prevention plan. Matthew Kerzner, director for the Center for Individual and Organizational Performance Psychology at EisnerAmper, emphasizes that we are in the process of creating a "new norm." This new norm involves recognizing the challenges of a boundaryless work environment and implementing strategies, including the burnout prevention plan, to establish clear work-life boundaries.

Practical Tips for Establishing Work-Life Boundaries and Combatting Post-Work Fatigue

Maintain Routine: Stick to your regular work routine as much as possible. Dress for work, have your morning coffee, and start your day as if you were heading to the office. This can help address the feeling of "why am I so tired after work?" and the stress of thinking "my job is stressing me out."

EisnerAmper's Guide to Healthy Work-Life Boundaries

Designate a Workspace: Even if it's a small corner in your living room, having a dedicated workspace can help mentally separate work from relaxation

Schedule Breaks: Allocate specific times for breaks, and try to spend them away from your workspace. This can help in mentally detaching from work and reducing feelings of burnout.

Communicate: Be transparent with your colleagues about your work hours and any potential disturbances. This can help in setting expectations and reducing unnecessary stress.

End-of-Day Ritual: Establish a routine to signal the end of the workday. This could be as simple as changing into comfortable clothes or taking a short walk.

EisnerAmper's Guide to Healthy Work-Life Boundaries

The Role of Employers in Promoting Work-Life Balance and Addressing "Why Am I So Tired After Work?"

EisnerAmper recognizes the importance of supporting its employees in establishing healthy work-life boundaries. By providing resources, flexible work hours, and understanding the unique challenges of working from home, EisnerAmper aims to promote a balanced and productive work environment for all its employees. Their burnout prevention plan is a testament to their commitment to employee well-being.

Further Reading and Insights

While we've delved into the importance of work-life boundaries at EisnerAmper, the concept is universal and extends to various corporate environments. For a deeper understanding and additional strategies, consider exploring these insightful articles:


In the evolving landscape of work, establishing clear boundaries between our professional and personal lives is crucial. At EisnerAmper, the focus is on understanding these challenges and providing the necessary support to navigate them effectively. By prioritizing well-being and recognizing the importance of work-life balance, we can pave the way for a healthier, more productive future and answer the pressing questions of "why am I so tired after work?" and "why is my job stressing me out?"

For more insights on creating boundaries between work and home, especially when working remotely, check out this informative article from SHRM.

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