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Destress with 27 Winter Activities

Updated: Feb 5

Destress with 27 Winter Activities

It’s always easy to figure out what to do during the summer when the weather is warm and blissful, but what about those cold winter months? Sometimes, it feels as if there’s nothing to do because it’s too dreary outside. Even though some of us resent these cold months, winter can be a wonderful opportunity to engage in cozy activities that will help us rest and rejuvenate.

Similar but opposite of the article posted this summer, I’m including some of my favorite winter activities to keep those cold months fun and exciting. Choose your winter.

  • Snowshoe

  • Sled

  • Ski/snowboard/tube

  • Make a fire and read a book fireside

  • Cook an elaborate meal for friends

  • Meditate

  • Host a costume/theme party

  • Write and send valentine cards to loved ones

  • Hit the gym – It’s a great time to carve out that bikini body.

  • Bake

  • Learn to knit

  • Take an exotic cooking class

  • Do hot yoga

  • Visit a museum – Even if you’ve already been to those near your home, there are always new exhibits to enjoy.

  • Sit in a steam room or sauna

  • Jump ahead on spring cleaning – Re-organize/revamp your home.

  • Start a book club with a few of your friends

  • Volunteer

  • Host a “pot-luck” dinner party

  • Rent out a lodge one weekend to reconnect with some of your closest friends

  • Juice cleanse

  • Dance – Take a class, head to the nearest club or just crank up the volume on some of your favorite beats.

  • Set up Skype sessions/Google hangouts with your friends living out of town

  • Reconnect with family

  • Create/reevaluate your budget – Where are you now? Where would you like to be 5 years from today?

  • Shovel snow – Not only a homeowner’s obligation, but great workout, too.

  • Weekend getaway – This may be cheating by escaping the cold, but a long weekend away can rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

What are some of your favorite winter hobbies? How do you make the best of winter? Ready to make this winter your best one yet? Click here to speak with a member from our team to learn how you can begin to rewrite your future for fun, freedom and abundance.



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