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Harnessing Coaching Models for Enhanced Work-Life Harmony at RSM

Updated: Jan 12

Work-Life Balance at RSM

In today's dynamic corporate landscape, the integration of personal and professional lives is becoming increasingly common. At RSM, a global frontrunner in audit, tax, and consulting services, the commitment to excellence can sometimes lead to extended work hours and heightened stress. For many, the sentiment "I feel burnt out" becomes all too familiar. However, with the application of effective coaching models and understanding what to expect from a life coach or burnout coach, a balance between work and personal life can be achieved, ensuring overall well-being and productivity. Here's a guide on how RSM can leverage coaching models to establish and maintain healthy work boundaries.

1. Embrace the Importance of Boundaries through Coaching

Before delving into the practicalities, it's pivotal to grasp why work boundaries, reinforced by coaching models, are indispensable. If you often find yourself thinking, "I feel burnt out," it's time to consider boundaries:

  • Protect Mental Health: Continuous work without breaks can lead to burnout. Coaching models emphasize the importance of mental rejuvenation. For more insights on this, you might want to explore how PwC combats mental exhaustion.

  • Boost Productivity: It's a misconception that longer hours equate to better output. Coaching models advocate for regular intervals of rest to enhance focus and creativity.

  • Enhance Work Satisfaction: With boundaries set through coaching models, tasks can be approached with full engagement, devoid of feelings of being swamped or resentful.

Work-Life Balance at RSM

2. Communicate Clearly with Coaching Techniques

Open communication, a tenet of many coaching models, is the foundation of boundary setting. If you're wondering what to expect from a life coach, open dialogue is at the top of the list. At RSM:

  • Discuss Work Hours: While RSM prides itself on flexibility, it's crucial to communicate when you're available for work. Coaching models can provide techniques for effective communication.

  • Set Expectations: If you're on a project, use coaching models to guide your team on time management and deliverable timelines. Deloitte's approach to creating healthy work boundaries offers a practical example.

  • Use Technology Mindfully: Tools like Microsoft Teams can be used in tandem with coaching models to set statuses, ensuring clarity in availability.

3. Prioritize Tasks with Coaching Insights

Different tasks have varying levels of importance. To avoid feeling inundated:

  • Use the Eisenhower Box: This tool, often integrated into coaching models, helps categorize tasks based on urgency and significance.

  • Delegate with Empathy: Coaching models emphasize the importance of delegation not just as a task-distribution tool but as a growth opportunity for team members.

  • Learn to Say No: A challenging skill, but one that coaching models often stress, especially when the aim is to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Work-Life Balance at RSM

4. Take Regular Breaks, as Advocated by Coaching Models

Breaks, a significant component of many coaching models, can amplify productivity:

  • Follow the 20-20-20 Rule: Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break. This aligns with many coaching models that stress the importance of regular mental resets.

  • Take a Mindful Walk: A brief outdoor stroll, as suggested by various coaching models, can declutter the mind and alleviate stress.

  • Use Break Apps in Conjunction with Coaching Techniques: Tools like the 'Pomodoro Technique' can be paired with insights from coaching models for optimal results.

5. Create a Dedicated Workspace Inspired by Coaching Models

For those working remotely:

  • Separate Work from Leisure: Avoid mixing relaxation spaces with work. Coaching models often stress the importance of dedicated work zones for mental clarity.

  • Invest in Ergonomics: A comfortable workspace, as suggested by ergonomic coaching models, can significantly impact productivity.

  • Personalize with Intention: Add elements that resonate with you, a technique often highlighted in coaching models for personal well-being.

Work-Life Balance at RSM

6. Disconnect After Hours, a Principle Central to Many Coaching Models

Once the workday concludes:

  • Log Off Consciously: Turn off your computer and refrain from work emails, a practice emphasized in digital detox coaching models.

  • Engage in Non-Work Activities: Activities that rejuvenate, as suggested by holistic coaching models, can help in effective disconnection.

  • Set Tech Boundaries: Consider using coaching models that focus on digital well-being to set clear tech boundaries.

7. Seek Support and Consider Coaching

If feelings of overwhelm persist or if you're thinking, "I feel burnt out," it might be time to:

  • Talk to Your Supervisor: They can offer guidance or even suggest coaching models tailored to your needs.

  • Utilize RSM's Resources: Many organizations, including RSM, offer coaching services that employ various coaching models to support employee well-being. If you're curious about what to expect from a life coach, these resources can be invaluable. Additionally, for those seeking a deeper understanding of burnout and its recovery, BDO's comprehensive guide on burnout recovery can offer further insights.

  • Connect with Colleagues: Sharing challenges and discussing coaching models that have worked for others can provide invaluable insights.


Integrating coaching models into the work culture of RSM, or any organization, is not just about individual growth. It's about cultivating an environment where employees feel valued, respected, and empowered. By applying these coaching models and understanding what to expect from a life coach, RSM can ensure a harmonious balance between professional endeavors and personal well-being.

Experiencing burnout is a common journey many of us face, but the true distinction lies in how we navigate its onset and aftermath. If you're feeling the weight of balancing work and life, let's collaborate. With a rich history of guiding dedicated professionals like you, I'm here to ensure you achieve your next career goal with ease and confidence. Ready to embark on a stress-free journey? Schedule a chat with me and let's begin.

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