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Your new best kept secret to


(It'll be fun, promise!)

I already know...

  • You’ve checked-off many of the traditional boxes of success, but find yourself feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and frustrated on the inside after years of over giving and overextending yourself.

  • You’ve registered for many of those FREE stress-less webinars, bought all the books and downloaded all the podcasts, but haven’t had time to engage with any of them.

  • Overall, you’re living in “survival mode”, while trying to get ahead in your career, manage a home, and take care of everyone else. “Exhausted” doesn’t even scratch the surface.

  • ​You feel like you should be farther ahead than where you are, even though you work tirelessly. By the end of the day, you have zero energy left for anything else… and maybe your family has noticed too.

  • You’re overworked, overwhelmed and simply OVER IT!

Now you’re ready to prioritize your health, invest in your wellbeing, and breakthrough the cycle of burnout

And you’re DONE accepting the constant stress as a “normal” part of having a demanding schedule. Don't worry you're in the right place!

While other coaches are focused on helping you find a new job (career coach), boosting in-office leadership (executive coach), or getting your health back (weight-loss coach), I’m busy creating a holistic plan that helps you breakthrough the patterns that are preventing you from living a life you wholeheartedly love. 


My clients choose me because I offer so much more than just burnout recovery coaching. What I came to realize is how clients do one thing is how they’re doing everything and if we’re not looking at everything, we’re not fixing anything! (One step at a time of course 😉 )


My Mission

End the pervasive issue of workplace burnout by coaching today’s high-powered female leaders to thrive without sacrificing their peace of mind.

My holistic, five-step methodology has led to some pretty amazing successes, like:

🎉 Empowered over 90 coaching clients, most holding the roles of Vice President, Director, Senior Manager, Accountant, Lawyer or Business Owner/Entrepreneur.


🎉 Net promoter score (NPS) of 94, which is the "holy grail" for understanding customer satisfaction. (Note: For reference, above 80 is considered world class!)


Hi! 👋 I’m Lauren Baptiste.

After working over a decade at a Big Four Accounting Firm and personally experiencing burnout-first, I know that nothing kills productivity, joy, and energy like the paralyzing effects of burnout.

I built my coaching firm as a way to help high-achieving, high-earning women find balance in their demanding schedules so that they can continue to achieve career success AND have time to take care of themselves. 


I know that what works for one go-getter, might not work for the next. Using the evidence-based science of Ayurveda, you’re not forced into a “one size fits all” template. I give you personalized advice that addresses your unique body-mind type and your current personal and professional circumstances to help you find deep fulfillment and ease in all areas of your life.

To me, you’re not “just another client,” you’re a woman on a mission and I want to help you get where you’re going. That’s why when you work with me,  


you’ll gain a personal Board of Directors who always have your best interests at heart. 😉

Over to my amazing clients...

Oweka I, Auditor

"This has given me more confidence to achieve my dream."

Sharana L, Business Owner

"What I have received is beyond measure."

Liana GM,
Business Owner

"The tools learned have bettered my business and my life."

What other past clients are saying...

I’m building something special with your help...

Empowering women in corporate is kind of my thing. But my mission doesn't stop there. 

💪 I prioritize hiring women team members and vendors
💪 I donate a portion of profits to charities that align with my mission.
💪 I’m an advocate for burnout prevention and burnout recovery, speaking at organizations to build awareness and bring improvement to corporate cultures.

More About Lauren Baptiste

  • Dog lover.

  • Vegetarian for 5+ years and now knows how to make homemade cheese.

  • Avid traveler and has visited over 35+ countries. (Though I may have lost count!)

  • ​​13+ years of workplace experience with a keen understanding the dynamics of corporate culture.

  • Certified Public Accountant, but doesn’t use it 😉

  • ​​Inspired to create positive impact.

  • Practitioner in Ayurveda, an evidence-based science based on your unique body-mind type.


Some coaching experiences can miss the mark.
But the buck stops with me.

If you’ve done coaching before, you may have had an “incomplete experience.” Maybe it only addressed one facet of your being or found yourself wading through tons of content of your own. Not on my watch.
In fact, I’ve actively built something different by avoiding all of the things people hate about traditional coaching. As a Former Division-1 Athlete, I know coaching isn’t a 2x per month thing. It requires consistency beyond the sessions. And considering how hard you work, you deserve a boutique experience that doesn’t add more onto your plate and makes the best use of your time.

High-touch communication

My private clients receive exclusive access to me via Signal App. Texting access is a huge bonus for clients who need spot coaching, accountability, creative musing or short notice inspiration.

Healing experience

Coaching isn’t just talk. Using the ancient practices of reiki, meditation and reflection to open the mind, heart and soul to possibility. These provide an opportunity to “let go” of the burdens we’ve been carrying bring feelings of release, peace and security.

Deep wisdom transfer

Blending the power of positive psychology with ancient Vedic wisdom, the tools and techniques learned strengthen the mind. And when we can embrace the mind as our friend, EVERYTHING is possible.

This is for you if...

  • You're a high-earning, high-achieving woman making 6+ figures.

  • ​Work has become your identity... and it's not working anymore.

  • ​You're running on 1/4 tank of gas.

  • You've tried everything and are still feeling fried and unsatisfied.

  • ​​You registered for all the free webinars, bought all the books and downloaded all the podcasts. Still no luck.

  • You know you deserve something better.

  • ​You're ready to be happy again!​

Say goodbye to your days of overworked, overwhelmed, and waiting for vacation to relieve the stress. (Hint: It only does temporarily.)


I don't believe in overcomplicated, wildly complex plans with lots of handouts and homework. (So exhausting – you already work hard enough!)
My secret is no secret. I discover what YOU need to thrive and deliver in a way that’s both simple and easy. Together in our coaching, we co-create an ongoing solution that you’re excited to execute on. That way, you get to create more time in your life to focus on what’s most important.
When you hire me, you’ll get access to a deep expertise in:
 Burnout Recovery and Prevention
Women’s Hormonal Health
Ayurveda and Yoga
Navigating Corporate Culture and Tough Work Scenarios


You can feel good about where you’re spending your money. We donate 1% of all our profit to not for profit organizations that advocate the healing sciences of ayurveda and yoga, and other aligned charities.

Shall we work together?

What it all comes down to… is simplicity.
My holistic approach to helping you thrive doesn’t need to be over-complicated.
Because of all the time we spend at work and all the to-dos required at home, we end up putting ourselves last. We’ve been giving ourselves the remaining scraps of energy (if any), and that’s ultimately resulted in years of little-to-no progress or self-care.
And now you’re feeling tired, underappreciated, and cynical.

Maybe you’ve been believing you should have already fixed this on your own, but that’s why I’m here. Just like you do at work, delegate. My proven approach will get you off the hamster wheel so you can get on with a full, thriving life.
With your dedication and our simplistic approach to breaking through burnout…
You’ll finally taste the freedom and spaciousness you’ve been working so hard for.
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