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“My time with Lauren started when I was feeling depleted, anxious and very stuck in the same Monday through Friday routine. Lauren helped me get on track with my health and overall wellness. She's an excellent listener, gives sound advice and asks great questions which can lead to mental breakthroughs. 

After working with Lauren for a few months, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! I feel more confident and excited about each day instead of waiting around for the weekend. The mental block that once had me feeling stuck has dissolved and I have more mental space and motivation to set and work toward my life goals. I can't recommend Lauren enough!” 

Ashley M, Sacramento, CA
Vice President

Oweka I, Stamford, CT

I had the pleasure of working with Lauren during a particularly challenging time in my life, where I was wrapping up a severely stressful, year-long project I put my all into. Burnt out was my normal and I jumped at this opportunity to heal. What was so great about working with Lauren was that the insight she gave me brought me into a whole new world in terms of perspective.
In working with Lauren, I was challenged, educated, encouraged and made changes mentally and physically I will maintain and teach for the rest of my life. If you have an opportunity to learn how to take care of your physical system in this way, please do. This is so much more than eating and diet. Food is energy, the way you eat is alchemy and if you are a modern woman on a mission to show up in this world, you owe it to yourself to level up and get on this wave. This is part of the power play right here. You will not be disappointed.”

Simrit AK, Tulum, Mexico
Business Owner


I found my time with Lauren to be extremely helpful.  It compelled me to focus on my priorities for physical, emotional and mental health.  Lauren is very skilled at listening and focusing on the positive shifts that occur. Our regular sessions gave me an opportunity to continually re-align to my goals, even if I felt like I had not accomplished enough.  She helped me see that even small steps are progress in the desired direction. And after our time together, her insightful advice still stays with me, daily, to stay on track with my focus for self-connection.”

Amy M, Denver, CO
Communications Consultant

When the world seems to sometimes rotate more quickly than we prefer, it becomes very easy to get trapped in the race to keep up. The focus shifts from what I have to do yet instead of what I have accomplished and already have. Lauren has provided me with the tools to be present and in the moment - to focus on my breathing and to just be. The one-on-one sessions teach me to let go of the expectations of others and empower me to be complete in the moment. And in shedding those expectations, I am empowered to be a better wife, mother, employee and friend.”

Angie B, Cincinnati, OH


Oweka I, Stamford, CT


“After considering a life coach for a several years, I made the decision to hire Lauren Baptiste after hearing great things about her work.  My purpose was to modify and/or break routines that I established for many years that no longer served me well. Lauren was instrumental in working through some of those challenges with her experience, empathy, creativity and elegance. I highly recommend her services to break barriers, change routines and create more satisfaction in life.”

Philip S, Eastchester, NY
Real Estate Agent

Lauren’s program brought a sense of hope and positivity I felt I’d lost. Her coaching sessions helped me get to a state of awareness and tranquility. I started to feel hope and looking at things from a more positive perspective. The program helped not only with the mental, physical, spiritual health but also with other aspects, such as finances and emotional support. She is a powerhouse of energy.

I was very committed to the program and very focused on manifesting better things in my life. Lauren’s techniques are simple and very easy to follow. She provides support and even when I felt challenged in my day-to-day situations.

I can say I am feeling more confident and in a much better mental and healthier state of mind and soul after the program. It’s time and money well-invested, and I am very happy with the results and how I feel today. I can say that I am now more optimistic, I am feeling a sense of wholeness regardless of circumstances. So each action, no matter how small brings me to a new level. I see things differently now. Each day is better than the one before.  It feels lighter, the days run smoother, more peaceful, more positive, I am luckier...”

Miguelina P, New York, NY
Vice President

Lauren has this amazing quality about her that allowed me to totally shift my thinking, shift the lens in which I see things, bringing me closer to what really matters most. Her calm voice brings stability, yet her energy is infectious. It’s a perfect balance!”

Nancy F, Morganville, NJ
Vice President

chick in boots.jpg

Working with Lauren has been one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had. It has opened my eyes and heart to how our interior and exterior worlds are inextricably intertwined, and thus a change desired in either requires a transformation in both. I feel more in touch with my intuition and my soul, and have seen this attunement impact my physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Most importantly, this program has provided me with a blueprint for how to live in the world. I don't have all, or even most, of the answers, but Lauren has given me an extensive toolkit for facing life's challenges and for thriving and fulfilling my soul's purpose.” 

Nesrien H, Brooklyn, NY

Oweka I, Stamford, CT


“After If you are interested in making your well being a priority, this program is a great first step. Lauren gave me simple daily solutions to help me manage stress, get in a better headspace, and ultimately live a happier more fulfilling life. Highly recommend!"

Chelsea M, Brooklyn, NY
Account Executive

What I have learned from Lauren is how to eat, and more importantly, how to treat my body. I especially appreciate that she has had experience in the busy corporate world. She brings a holistic approach to wellness while still understanding the importance of getting results. If you’re looking to change something in your life, I would check her out. What you will learn by working with Lauren will benefit you for the rest of your life.”

Jamie J, Asbury Park, NJ
Public Health Nurse Consultant


I just want you to know that you've been such an inspiration in my healing journey, and in a way, you were really a part of it and I just have to say thank you. I do believe that I believe God puts certain people in your life for a very specific purpose and I believe that you were that purpose for me.”

Sabrina B, Albany, NY
Business Owner

Lauren jumped right into my life and I haven’t turned back. I had been suffering for years with health issues (PMS, repressed anger, gas, adult acne, etc.), and throughout the process, I’ve been trying to put band aids on these individual symptoms. Surprise, it hasn’t been working. Lauren’s method is different; she addresses the root cause of what’s going on from a whole-life approach. From our first conversation, she touched my heart and inspired me to travel a different path. In a short period after working together, I’m overall healthier, my energy is higher and my outlook on life is better. I can go on and on, but trust and know that you’re in good hands.”

Cheryl W, White Plains, NY
Head of Training and Education


Oweka I, Stamford, CT


Lauren is such a gifted practitioner. Lauren really helped me to get more in tune with my body, mind and spirit. Lauren paired her knowledge with intuition and guided me into a deep symbiosis with my health and wellbeing. She suggested recommendations that are doable and it’s inspiring to see what shifts take place when you set realistic goals and don’t overwhelm the body. Lauren helped me recreate a healthy relationship with my body and honored the divine nature existing in my being. Thank you, Lauren for your beautiful guidance!” 

Melody S, Brooklyn, NY
Business Owner

I just finished a program with Lauren and cannot rave enough about it! She delivered exceptional and actionable executions on how to increase overall wellness that I’ve now adapted into my everyday life. Her tools and one-on-one attention to my needs, relating to my stress management and emotional health, have improved my life tremendously. I highly recommend working with her if you want to upgrade your life.”

Jocelyn S, New York, NY
Business Owner

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