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About Acheloa

Acheloa Wellness is a wellness coaching firm, founded by Lauren Baptiste. She and her team are committed to reducing burnout for hardworking professionals like you.


We understand the intense stress that you may be under as you build your career while maintaining your social and personal life. We’ve been there. And it is our experience and empathy that allows us to effectively guide you as you make crucial life changes to prioritize your health and well-being. 

We aim to embolden today’s leaders to achieve balance into their lives. We know that it’s tempting to give into the ever-present pressure to put work above all else. However, we also know that you will only be able to fully show up for your work when you show up for yourself. Through our coaching offerings, group programs, workshops and credible wellness techniques, we provide professionals like you with tools to live in harmony amidst the often chaotic realities of daily life. 


Acheloa Wellness [pronounced ah-kha-LO-ah] is inspired by the mythological moon goddess, Achelois. Also known as the one who “drives away pain,” Achelois worked with those encumbered by the effects of stress. From this beautiful maven, we learn that with intent and focus we too can keep stress and burnout at bay.

Empowered.  Transformed.  Together, we thrive.

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We are wellness experts with an expertise in the evidence-based science of Ayurveda, stress reduction, hormonal health, yoga, meditation and other coaching tools to support you in your journey from surviving to thriving.

With over 15 years of experience in both the corporate and wellness industries, we truly understand the stress that today’s leaders face while working to maintain momentum in their careers. With a blended model of evidence-based wellness techniques and leadership solutions, we help our clients to overcome their daily challenges with resilience and grace.


It is our mission to provide hard-working, ambitious individuals like you with tools to empower themselves and shift their approach to their career in today’s non-stop environment. Our practical techniques for stress reduction are applicable to a multitude of challenging situations at home and at work. 


In addition to private coaching, we design and facilitate boutique corporate offerings that prioritize an organization’s unique needs as they transform employee burnout to cultures of wellness. We view our work with companies as a collaboration. Our solutions are uniquely customized to measure against a company's KPIs, all while reducing turnover of middle to upper management leaders.


Schedule your breakthrough today.

Acheloa's Approach:

Acheloa Wellness’s signature methodologies derive from the evidence-based science of Ayurveda. 


Ayurveda [pronounced eye-your-vey-da] is a 5,000-year-old science, rooted in a quest for personal health and longevity. The word “Ayurveda” is broken into two parts: “Ayus,” meaning “life” and “veda,” meaning “wisdom.” Ayurveda provides guidance to healthy living, even in today’s modern world. Focused first by maintaining health, then by treating disease, Ayurveda can prevent, slow, treat and cure health challenges from arising. Through this ancient philosophy, we can apply simple concepts that help us find harmony and alignment in our day-to-day lives.


We value Ayurveda immensely, especially given that according to reports generated by the American Psychological Association and the American Institution of Stress, 75-90% of all visits to the doctor are for stress-related health concerns. With our emphasis on Ayurvedic practices, we help to prevent day-to-day imbalance from creating lasting negative effects on our health.

Meet Lauren Baptiste


Lauren Baptiste


Lauren Baptiste is radically shifting contemporary work culture toward prioritizing emotional, physical and mental health. An executive wellness coach, international speaker and corporate well-being consultant, Lauren is tackling the pervasive issue of burnout by guiding today’s workforce toward embracing wellness practices at home and in the office. 

After working 13+ years at a Big Four accounting firm and personally experiencing burnout first-hand, Lauren launched Acheloa Wellness. With a mission of empowering professionals to break through the detrimental effects of stress, Lauren brings her experience as a practitioner of Ayurveda, hormonal health and other healing modalities alongside her knowledge of corporate culture, transforming burnout to balance, joy and high-performing productivity.

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"I built Acheloa Wellness for someone just like you in both heart and mind. It’s not easy to meet the high expectations that we set for ourselves. If we don't change course, however, the kingdom we created will come crashing down. That is, if we don't set it on fire first.

The holistic solutions I created inspire individuals to reconnect with their natural rhythm to achieve personal and professional balance, harmony and overall vitality. I know that stress continues to be our greatest challenge and it’s manifesting in ways that’s impacting our health, our families and our future.

I hope that you find solace in the support that Acheloa Wellness can bring you. It’s my honor to support the speedbumps, potholes, and detours that make up your perfectly paved journey, just like those teachers, mentors and guides who have paved the way for me."

Lauren's Story

What started as a career in accounting led Lauren to her personal calling of inspiring professional leaders.

Before Lauren became a wellness practitioner, her career began in Corporate America working the grind at a Big Four Accounting Firm.


During the first few years of building her career within the corporate landscape, Lauren suffered from cystic acne, irregular menstrual cycles, ovarian cysts, psoriasis rosacea, anxiety and mild depression. After experiencing a severe burnout episode during an out-of-town work assignment, Lauren decided that no one should have to suffer from the impacts of stress because of their employment circumstances. There had to be a healthier, happier way.


With newfound inspiration, Lauren rolled up her sleeves and changed the future of the contemporary workforce in a meaningful way. She understands the impact of burnout and its residual effects on the employee, the organization and our culture as a whole.


Lauren combines her personal experience in the corporate world with her wellness-based methodology to help professionals empower themselves and overcome life’s obstacles. With a blend of modern and traditional wisdom, Lauren’s holistic solutions inspire even the busiest of people to reconnect to their natural rhythm and achieve personal and professional balance, harmony and vitality. 


  • Certified in workplace stress and culture

  • Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor (AHC)

  • Certified yoga teacher (RYT-500 hours)

  • Certified reiki level 2

  • WELCOA member

  • NAMA Ayurveda Member 

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA), New York State

Gratitudes and Reviews

“Working with Lauren felt like coming home. She has a beautiful way of creating space for a woman to be authentically herself while exploring the deeper layers health, and mindfulness. Her vast knowledge base unfolds perfectly as she gives applicable insights and guidance that form lasting changes in her clients’ lives. Lauren has become a mentor, and I recommend her programs to anyone looking for support, and sincere connection on their journey to ultimate health.” 
Leila D, Business Owner
Spanish Wells, Bahamas


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