Acheloa Wellness is an Executive Wellness Coaching firm committed to reducing stress and burnout for hardworking professionals.

It is our mission to transform the corporate landscape by empowering ambitious, committed and soulful women with tools, techniques and healthy mindset shifts so that each of us can find success in today’s non-stop environment. We teach women how to live in harmony amid the chaos. We share practical techniques to reduce your stress response to ever-challenging situations. We empower women leaders to live balanced – allowing for greater connection and soul-alignment in each area of her incredible life. 


Our corporate offerings coordinate and co-collaborate with organizations to transform cultures of burnout. Our solutions are uniquely customized and in progress toward a company's unique KPIs, all while reducing turnover of middle-to-upper management women leaders.


Acheloa Wellness [pronounced ah-kha-LO-ah] is inspired by mythological moon goddess, Achelois. Also known as the one who “drives away pain”, Achelois worked with women and those encumbered by the effects of stress. From this beautiful maven, we learn that with intent and focus we too can keep stress and burnout at bay.

Empowered.  Transformed.  Together, we thrive.


We are wellness experts anchored in the evidence-based science of Ayurveda, stress reduction, hormonal health, yoga, meditation and workplace wellness.

With over 10 years of experience in both the corporate and wellness industries, we truly understand the stress women leaders of today are encountering while working to maintain momentum or progression in their career. With a blended model of evidence-based wellness and leadership solutions, we can overcome today’s challenges together with resilience and grace.

Our customized programs improve, empower and maximize productivity, possibility and potential in high-performing female leaders.



  • We offer a boutique experience, providing you a personalized strategy that catalyzes your growth in a way that motivates you.

  • We provide a natural and holistic perspective to identifying and solving complex problems that lead to burnout and overwhelm.

  • We take a soulful approach that addresses physical, mental and emotional health.

  • 10 years of corporate experience, understanding the struggles, challenges and high-stress of hard working women leaders.

  • 7+ years of research in holistic health and wellness.


Ayurveda [pronounced eye-your-vey-da] is an approximately 4,000 year old science rooted in quest for personal longevity. Defined as the "science of life", the essence of Ayurveda seeks to find harmony with the physical body, the mind, the senses (hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell) and the soul.

In today's world, with 75-90% of doctor visits derived from stress-related illnesses, Ayurveda is used as a preventative tool to slow or stop progression of imbalance to disease by addressing root causes early on.

Lauren Baptiste



Lauren is a transformational stress expert, focusing on the empowerment of women within companies. Lauren understands the impact of burnout and its residual effects on the individual, the organization and the industry as a whole. Her holistic solutions inspire clients reconnect to their natural rhythm and achieve personal and professional balance, harmony and vitality. Her programs focus on the improvement an organization's revenue goals while reducing turnover at middle-to-upper management women leaders.

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