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Feeling Fatigued at Work? Quitting Your Job Isn't Always The Answer

Updated: Jan 9

You know that impulse you get during a stressful workday to just quit? Maybe your supervisor gave you a last-minute task and you've had it. You ask yourself, "What if I quit?" It's normal to experience good and bad days but if you're having these thoughts frequently, I've got a hard truth for you: running away may not give you the satisfaction you crave.

While I do believe there are truly toxic work environments or employers underpaying their employees, oftentimes feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin stems from a lack of boundaries set up in your life to keep you feeling balanced, not the workplace itself.

Let's think about a hypothetical scenario: Imagine you do quit and begin work at the first job you can find. That new position may provide temporary relief or a momentary spark of adrenaline but what happens when the dust settles? Are your habits outside of work serving you?

Oftentimes, a new job or a vacation act as a bandaid - a quick-fix if you will. When greater mental, emotional, or physical health problems persist, eventually they catch up with us - with or without a new job. So, ask yourself these questions next time you contemplate quitting:

  • Is the new job going to help you adjust your diet and workout routine?

  • Is leaving your job going to cure your health ailments or adjust your current mindset? ⁠

  • Does a new position address the other challenges occurring in your life?

Some of these questions are playfully rhetorical. My point is, you have the power to nourish yourself through a more balanced diet, a consistent movement routine, and a regular sleep schedule. Once you address these key parts of your life, then reevaluate your work situation.

I can promise you that while momentarily alluring, a new job is not going to fix everything. At some point, all that baggage you left from the last job will follow you into the next.⁠ So, don't just quit. Make the decision to do something differently.⁠

Curious about how to start making lasting changes for your well-being? Reach out and we can come up with a personalized plan together.



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