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The summer parties and BBQs have ended. Bikini season is officially over. How are you feeling? Hang in there; fall is a beautiful time.

A few years ago, we ran a social media effort around Labor Day Resolutions. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t fret. I made it up. As the summer winds down, I always look ahead to what I can do to jump back into my routine, but better. As an added bonus, that similar New Year's Resolutions pressure doesn’t exist.

Below are 4 easy ideas that can make a significant difference in your routine.

Commit to regularly scheduled workouts

Many of us can commit to one or two workouts per week, but what about hitting the American Heart Association’s recommendation of at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least 5 days per week? By committing to a few additional morning workouts, you can quickly get yourself to that healthy place.

It’s hard to think about waking up early every morning of the week, but doing it one or two times is fathomable. If you can’t get to the gym, there are many things you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Incorporate one vegetarian day in your meat-filled week

Eating vegetarian once a week not only benefits your body, but also the world around you. Per Meatless Monday, “going meatless once a week may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. And going meatless once a week can also help reduce our carbon footprint and save precious resources like fossil fuels and fresh water.”

Sleep at least 7 hours each night

This one might be the most difficult. We all work overtime and all have personal commitments that we don’t want to miss. Unfortunately, that means sleep may be sacrificed.

Sleep is critical. Under 6 hours of snooze time affects your mood and attitude. If possible, try to get into a routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time. Doesn’t sound like fun to wake up at the same time on the weekends, but imagine how the extra shut eye will improve your life.

Add a new healthy habit

Want to floss more? Looking to wake up a little earlier each morning? Tie that new habit to an already existing habit. For example, if you want to floss more, do it immediately after you brush your teeth; otherwise, you might forget or move along to something else. In this instance, posting a note on your bathroom mirror might help you get into the new healthy habit.


What are you aiming for this Labor day? Ready to take empowered action? Click here to connect with a member from our team to take that next big step towards living the fulfilling life you deserve.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Labor Day!

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