This work is for the individual looking to strengthen their inner compass amid the chaos at work, at home and in the mind-body. 

On this journey back to the self, we break-through the effects of stress, reclaim your well-being, and establish supportive rituals that allow you to move from surviving to thriving. Lauren supports Type-A, hardworking, dedicated individuals seeking a profound personal awakening & positive growth. Together, we will find a new way of being that allows you to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Acheloa Wellness - Lauren Baptiste - Coa


  • Unpacking personal stress to create space for soulful desires

  • Physical, mental and soulful realignment

  • Building confidence and self-worth

  • Burnout prevention awareness and techniques

  • Managing pressure and competing demands

  • Ayurvedic health and healing practices

  • Finding and engaging balance amid challenging circumstances

  • Soul and spirt reconnection

  • Energetic healing 

  • Meditations for deep healing

  • Clearer communication & boundaries

  • Time management, focus and accessing flow state

  • Calling in and receiving abundance 

  • Conscious leadership

  • Clean living

  • Menstrual cycle awareness and emotional congruency

  • Embodied freedom & magnetism 


  • 3, 6 or 12 month contract (minimum) 

  • Bi-monthly virtual coaching sessions to celebrate progress, answer questions, uncover our next steps based on your focused curriculum.

  • Soul strategy session (virtual) - A 2.5-hour healing session to expand on your alignment to your health and your happiness. This session brings feelings of peace, security and well-being.

  • Unlimited email support during the program.

  • Unlimited Signal access. Texting/voice access is a huge bonus for clients who need spot coaching, accountability or short notice inspiration.

  • Reiki, meditations and other energy work to inspire personal progress.

  • The longer we’re connected more magic unfolds! (i.e., Deep Dive sessions, Soul Care retreats, etc.)

If you are tired of feeling tired, feeling like you need to quit but not sure if it’s for you, or about embark on a new chapter while trying to balance it all, then 


might be perfect for YOU!

Results You Can Expect:

  • Get your health back

  • Regained sanity

  • Stable energy levels

  • Heightened immunity

  • Balanced mood

  • Better sleep

  • More personal freedom

  • Improved happiness

  • Supportive lifestyle habits to prioritize your life

  • Deeper self-love

  • Thrive in relationships and social settings

  • Feel good again and so much more!

Acheloa Wellness - Lauren Baptiste - Coa

“After considering a life coach for a several years, and after hearing great things about her work, I made the decision to move forward and work with Lauren in 2020 .  My purpose was to modify and break routines that I established for many years that no longer served me well. Lauren was instrumental in working through some of those challenges with her experience, empathy, creativity and elegance.  I highly recommend her services to break barriers, change routines and create more satisfaction in life.”

Philip S, Eastchester, NY

“My time with Lauren started in the midst of the pandemic when I was feeling depleted, anxious and very stuck in the same Monday-to-Friday routine. Lauren helped me get on track with my health and overall wellness. She's an excellent listener, gives sound advice and asks great questions which can lead to mental breakthroughs. After working with Lauren, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! I feel more excited about each day instead of waiting around for the weekend. The mental block that once had me feeling stuck has dissolved and I have more mental space and motivation to set and work toward my life goals. I can't recommend Lauren enough!”


Ashley M, Sacramento, CA

Lauren’s program brought a sense of hope and positivity I felt I’d lost. Her coaching sessions helped me get to a state of awareness and tranquility. I started to feel hope and looking at things from a more positive perspective. The program helps not only with the mental, physical, spiritual health but also with other aspects, such as finances, emotional support and she is just a power house of energy. Lauren’s techniques are simple and very easy to follow.  I am feeling more confident and in a much better mental and healthier state of mind and soul after the program. "

-Maria P, New York, NY

Acheloa Wellness - Lauren Baptiste - Coa